Top 12 Mobile App Development Trends In 2016

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TOP 12 MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT Trends In 2016…..….. #ChromeInfotech

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#1 : Battle: iOS vs Android

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“ The Two big rivals Apple and Android are going to give tough competition to each other. As per the research figures of Firm IDC, Android marks 82.8% of the market share at Q2 of 2015, after which comes iOS at 13.9% and Windows at 2.6%. ”

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#2 : Mobile Payment On Height

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Apple Pay 2014, expected to make financial transactions more trendy. Samsung Pay to launch in US by 2016. By 2017, 50% online transaction will be by mobile app so get ready. ”

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#3 : Messaging Apps Climb Up

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“ The research survey conducted by Pew Research Centre indicate that 36% of smartphone users use messaging apps. Popularity of Messenger will set a record of 2.2125 billion active users globally. ”

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#4 : Wearable Technology

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“ Wearable's technologies will change our lives, by joining hands with fashion. More Trendy wearable's are expected. ”

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#5 : Location-based Wi-Fi On a Roll

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“ GPS has become our automatic command , giving rise to beacon and location-based Wi-Fi. Beacon services will widen the possibilities for - location awareness. - Interaction with customers. ”

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#6 : Integration with Cloud Technology

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“ A star in the mobile app development throughout 2015 . Will keep dominating the market in the Coming years as well. ”

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#7 : Power of Internet Of Things

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“ Internet of Things will take center stage in app development. It is predicted that the IoT will be the largest device market in the world. By 2019, it will widen to a great extent and will double the size of smartphones, PC, wearables etc. ”

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#8 : Rise In Enterprise App

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“ By 2016, around 35% of all big enterprises are likely to have their very own app development platforms. Third-party enterprise app developers stand to gain in such a scenario. In fact, at present over 42% enterprise developers boast of a monthly revenue of $ 10000. ”

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#9 : Swift- Language To Take Over

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“ Swift is ready for your next project - Addition into your current app - Swift code works side-by-side with Objective-C. Integrated in Xcode, Swift will definitely be fast then Objective C ”

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#10 : Major Focus On User Experience

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“ User experience and customer satisfaction will dominate big time in 2016. ”

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#11 : More Cross-Platform Tools

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“ Working on single platform has become too difficult, today there are many different types of devices so it almost impossible to work on single platform. By 2016, Cross-platform tools will be available effectively. ”

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#12 : App Security

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“ This year mobile app developers focused allot in app security issues. Since, 75% of mobile applications were failed in basic security tests. ”

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