The Shocking History of the Cell Phone

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The Shocking History of the Cell Phone

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1947-1948 Between 1947-1948, AT&T introduced its first Mobile Telephone Service. This service reached about 5,000 customers. The total monthly cost was around $15—or the equivalent of around $180 today. To put it in perspective, Harry Truman was president when the first mobile service was introduced.

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The 1960s In 1965, AT&T improved its mobile service, calling it the IMTS. Other companies attempted to compete with AT&T with their RCC (Radio Common Courier) phones. These phones generally couldn’t work from one state to the next, as there was no way to bill for roaming charges. Motorola set a form of mobile phone into space with the NASA missions of the era. These mobile transponders were the basis for mobile technology.

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1973-1990 The first Motorola mobile phone was introduced in 1973. The first commercial mobile phone call was made in 1983. The Motorola DynaTAC phone cost the equivalent of nearly $10,000 today. After 1983, mobile phone technology grew rapidly. By 1990, cell phones were starting to get smaller and less cumbersome. The phone used in the first commercial cell call could only deliver 30 minutes of talk time and 8 hours of standby time.

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Enter the Smartphone While you may think of iPhones as the first smartphone, the first true smartphone was created in 1994. PDAs and Blackberries were the most popular precursors to today’s smartphone. The iPhone was introduced in 2007. The Simone Personal Communicator was the first true smartphone. Released in 1994, it had a touch-screen and could receive faxes.

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