10 UX Principles for Mobile Apps and Websites

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10 UX Principles for Mobile Apps and Websites

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Users are expecting the same level of comfort and experience across multiple devices Unique mobile features may require a different approach to designing amazing UX Mobile is the next big thing

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#1 Understand user’s motive Analyze user flows on mobile devices to see what users are looking for, what features they use and how they interact with the website.

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#2 Define the context of mobile usage Understand in what conditions people may use your mobile product…

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#3 Showcase the most important features and content Fill the valuable real estate of a mobile screen with what is more important for the end user.

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#4 Design more usable navigation Combination of both Vertical and horizontal navigation Vertical Navigation

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#5 Keep the design simple Less is More

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#6 Make good use of mobile specific features Click-to-call button Local Recommendations Push notifications

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#7 Optimize forms and reduce data input ask users to select predefined answers use other input mechanisms like voice input whenever possible offer default answers offer auto-completion and spellcheck technology to reduce typos

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#8 Provide access to full website Users should a have choice of which version of your website they prefer.

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#9 Design user-friendly notifications and alerts Timely Relevant Clear Comprehensible Notifications

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#10 Collect feedback and adjust Provide an easy way for users to leave feedback, report issues and communicate with you directly, because nothing can be more valuable than customer opinion and advice.

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