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Maximize Mobile Mobile Ad Exchange across Emerging Markets

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31 Billion Ad Requests Per Month *Q4, 2013 LATAM AFRICA MID EAST INDIA SE ASIA

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Emerging Markets are Leading the Mobile Wave

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Asia Pacific 3,666 mn Middle East 297 mn Europe 1,165 mn North America 391 mn Latin America 713 mn Africa 784 mn Region Mobile Subscriber Base (Mn) Source: Portion Research Half the ‘Mobile World’ will be in ASIA Over 50% of new subscriber additions worldwide will be from China, India, Indonesia and Brazil

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5 Yrs CAGR in Device Shipments by Regions (%) Source: Portion Research Developed Markets 14% Emerging Markets 20% <

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Asia Pacific 17X 40% Middle East & Africa 17X 27% Europe 10X 22% North America 9X 18% Latin America 13X 32% Region 5 Yrs Growth in Mobile Data Traffic (X); CAGR Mobile App User Base (%) Worldwide Average 13X; 30% Source: VNI, CISCO Emerging Markets will race ahead Growing faster on both Mobile App Users & Mobile Data Consumption

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We are leveraging this massive opportunity!

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Maximize the Value of Mobile Media for Advertisers Developers Telcos Publishers

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ADVERTISERS MAXIMIZE REACH / ENGAGEMENT / ROI Exclusive Full-Screen Ads at App launch that deliver exceptional ROI AudiencePro™ - Next Wave of Audience Targeting Engage Users with Impactful Rich-Media Ads & Smarts Rewards Unparalleled Reach across Emerging Markets

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DEVELOPERS MAXIMIZE APP-REVENUES Simple Integration with AppWrapper™ & Cross Platform SDKs Real Time Bidding (RTB) & Hybrid Mediation maximizes global revenues High eCPMs through standards compliant Rich Media Ads Partner for Emerging Markets by using mediation adaptors

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TELCOS MAXIMIZE ARPU Fully Privacy Compliant Architected to work without any PII (Personally Identifiable Information) & Opt-Out built in AudiencePro™ - Leverage Subscriber Data for Advertising Basic Parameters Real Time Balance ARPU City Gender / Age Group Roaming Status Advanced Parameters Home / Office / Current location (Cell ID based) Site / App usage Device Age on Network VAS Genre Influencers Boost Mobile Content ARPUs with Subscriber Balance based Ads Generate Ad Revenue from subscriber Home & Office Location Grow Mobile Internet data usage with SmartRewards

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PREMIUM PUBLISHERS MAXIMIZE AD-REVENUES Largest Ad Sales Team across Southeast Asia, India, Middle East & Africa Unclutter your site with Space Optimized Rich Media Ad Formats Comprehensive Monetization across Apps & Sites

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Brand Advertiser Partners

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Performance Advertiser Partners

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Awards & Recognition Products: AudiencePro - Mobbys 2013 AppWrapper - mBillionth South Asia 2013 Leadership: Mobile Professional of the Year – Mobbys #22 on Business Insider’s Most Important People in Mobile Advertising #22 on India’s First Digital Power 100 – Impact WAT Award – Mobile Entrepreneur of the Year Company: Media Company of the Year - MMA Smarties Red Herring Top 100 - Asia Fastrack Top 20 Startup – Techcircle Fastest Growing Company in the Portfolio – IDG Ventures

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Research & Insights BRIC SE ASIA LATAM EUROPE MID EAST AFRICA Brazil China India Russia Indonesia Malaysia Singapore Thailand Vietnam Argentina Chile Columbia Mexico Venezuela France Germany Italy Spain UK Egypt Jordan Saudi Arabia Turkey UAE Ghana Kenya Nigeria South Africa Uganda

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Key Milestones AppWrapper.org Launched SmartRewards SE Asia Expansion Ad Requests

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