Moving to a Mobile Age

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Moving to a Mobile Age

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1. Mobile is a Revolution

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TV/Film 5 hours Music 2.5 hours Computer / Social Networking 1.5 hours Games 1.25 hours Reading 40 minutes

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Global Screen Count Cinema Screens-149,700 Tablets – 300M Computers -1-2 B Televisions -1.6 B Mobile Phones – 7 B Total: 10.4 B

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Population vs. Mobile

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Music Videos (local or Bollywood) Muslim Preachers Pornography Nature Videos

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2. Mobile is the 7th Mass Media 7thMassMedia.com

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Print Recordings Cinema Radio TV Internet Mobile

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3. Mobile Has Unique Characteristics http://communities-dominate.blogs.com/brands/2008/05/deeper-insights.html

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Mobile is personal

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Mobile is permanently carried

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Mobile is always on

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Mobile is available at the point of creative impulse

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Mobile is most accurate at measuring its audience

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Only mobile can offer augmented reality

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Mobile is the Digital Interface to the real world and analog media

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4. Lean In, Not Away

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The Mobile Ministry Forum Vision That every unreached person have the chance to encounter Jesus and His kingdom in a compelling, contextualized fashion through their personal mobile device by the end of 2020. www.mobmin.org

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Mobile Ministry Consultation 2010

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Mobile Ministry Consultation 2013

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5. Move to Responsive Web Design

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6. Consider an App Reluctantly

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7. Think shorter

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Michael Rogers “Too many recent graduates do well with a 1,500 word piece but if you ask them to write a 75 word extended caption, they’re still clearing their throats when they get to the word limit.”

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8. Be a Story Practitioner

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Be a Story Student Ten Laws of Story. www.visualstory.org/10laws Culture of Story within your ministry. www.visualstory.org/storyseminar 8. Be a Story Practitioner

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Be a Story Student Be one who lives the Story Be a Story Seeker Be a Story Sharer Be a Story Creator Be a Story Teller 8. Be a Story Practitioner