I need you to start taking mobile seriously

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I need you to start taking mobile seriously

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Blackberry sales down 45% YOY

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Today’s Journey

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5 We’re a mobile first country

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Total Unique Browsers +21% 24m Time spent on sites (Average) - 21% Long since overtaken desktop access

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Unique mobile internet +41% 12.5m

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Content should be …

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We love to talk soccer 10

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Total Unique Browsers +21% 24m Time spent on sites (Average) Unique mobile internet +41% 12.5m - 21% July 13 IAB (DMMA) 30% 90% 76% Long since overtaken desktop access 95% FNB banking done via USSD 5% via App Source: Effective Measure, Feb’13-’14

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67 million Subscribers (Pop 51 Million) 15.5 million (30% of total population) Smartphones Vodacom 46% market share ( MTN market share of 37% 7.2 million Vodacom smartphone users 16m active data 36.2 million (70% of Total Population) Feature Phones Cell C market share of 17% Mobile usage: R80 ARPU Prepaid R257 ARPU on smartphone 70% prepaid sales are R5 airtime voucher Data traffic growing 70% year on year Mobile landscape – MTN, CellC & Vodacom Results 2013/14 With growing penetration of smartphones

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Therefore central to everything we do Source: Millward Brown 14

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Therefore central to everything we do Source: Millward Brown 14

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But how are they accessing? Nokia Asha 520 Samsung E250

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Get paid R1 to own a phone

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But how are they accessing?

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Case Study: Grace earns R800 per month working part time and supports a daughter and granddaughter. She spends ? of her monthly income on airtime. 70% of South Africans fall into the income bracket of earning R5000 a month or less. Those with less than R3500 a month spend twice as much on cellphones and airtime as on education. What are they spending their money on? Source: Unilever Majority Study 2013 18-24 Year old 56% spend airtime on voice calls (10% drop) Data up 15% c

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Low Middle High Opera Mini Blackberry Nokia Asher Mid range Samsung Safari/Chrome Call & SMS Please Call Me Mxit eLearn/USSD USSD Music via Radio Mobile landscape – AAMPS, WWWorx 12 High level mobile segmentation WhatsApp/WeChat Mxit Facebook Search (Google) Music via Bluetooth WhatsApp/iMessage Email Twitter & Instagram Search Music via Downloads Talk Social Access Entertainment

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Today’s Journey

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Platform (CONTENT) Search Social Mobile (USSD & SMS) Display Video The brutal truths

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Are you at ZMOT?

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Search Talk to search and TV Add in keywords and content

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Search Search is driven by ATL awareness Always on search / Search with ATL strategy Combined effect (Multiplier effect) - Increases effectiveness of TV

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1818 clubhouse example Most used search terms 1818

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The numbers

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Social is mobile 32

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Source: AMPS Jun’12-Jul’13 Source: Mobile Operators 2013 Source: IAB (Effective Measure) Jan 2014 Source: WWW Mobility Study 2012 Mobile Stats to go on

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Which Ad Formats are the most noticeable? Source: Effective Measure Survey Q1 2014

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Source: Effective Measure Survey Q1 2014 South Africans notice mobile ads

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Display is alive and well on mobile

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The mobile banner

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Taking the next step New ways of doing it… Retargeting Location based / time based / weather based / handset based / motion based Programmatic buying In-Gaming advertising & In-App largest increase in mobile advertising comes from these categories

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USSD & SMS (Mobile)

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SMS / USSD Reasons to use USSD Cost effective for consumer (20sec = 20 cents) Faster (one session) Widest spectrum of phones (Except … BB) Once registered user is recognized for future 95% FNB’s banking traffic through USSD Disadvantages Hard to use on ATL transient media Not as memorable as other short codes Can’t be forwarded Grapevine 14

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SMS / USSD - Findings Don’t ask consumer for free form answers. USSD has time-outs and if consumers have to think they take too long to answer. Avoid asking consumer’s to type in lengthy numbers like full ID (best practice is to ask for first 6 digits) Consumers become frustrated if they have bought your product and gotten a unique code, but are then expected to answer a multitude of questions before they get a valid entry. Consumers should be told after they give a valid unique code that this is a valid entry and the rest of the info is just additional. Some consumers struggle with USSD on their particular handset. Eg: Blackberry. Grapevine 14

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Using USSD Carling Black Label: Be the Coach (2011) Selecting the relevant vehicle and mechanism for the campaign helped the brand to reach it’s consumers by using SA’s Love for Soccer through simple mobile mechanics (USSD) Integrated Media mix to amplify the idea Achieved 10.5 million votes for team selection (consumers voted 18 times on average) with 40 000 SMS votes for in game substitutions. The campaign is in it’s third year since inception proving to be a highly successful campaign Campaign Objective Grow CBL Market share during the period and deepen brand engagement

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Watching Video’s on your cellphone Watching video on cell is NOT a popular activity Higher LSM = longer video CTR’s to video below 0.04% in SA Be vigilant around video content REALISTIC about expectations Source: AMPS 2013 Main Branded BA (Jul 2012-Jun 2013)

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Video - Woolworths http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qkxKGAWmGb0

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Platform (CONTENT) Search Social Mobile (USSD & SMS) Display Video The brutal truths

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The platform to publish

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The platform Of consumers say their opinion of a brand will be lower if they do not have an optimised mobi site Say their opinion of a brand will be lower if the website content doesn't display properly on their phone Nielsen's April 13

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N=354 smartphone users only QUESTION: Which of the following best describes a good mobile website? Top 3 things that consumers want from a mobisite

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Age, not income, has the highest direct correlation to whether apps are downloaded or not BMIT 13 research

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BMIT 13 MSG Social Games

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Top free apps in SA: Apple App Store

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Top free apps in SA: Windows Phone Store

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Top free apps in SA: Google Play Store

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The platform to publish Utility Content Game BB = dead Not flash KISS Dynamic dependant Feature focus MXIT Focus the content

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Activity on Mxit

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Who uses Mxit in South Africa? Core audience: 18 – 24 years old LSM 6 – 8 with a geographic and ethnicity split reflecting the SA population Ethnicity: Black: 67% Coloured: 21% White: 8% Malay/Indian: 4%

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Top devices

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Top apps BUSINESS ENTERTAINMENT LIFESTYLE SPORTS PHOTOS JunkMail Xchange UUSI SA Mxit Music D-SIDERS Swagga The Love Doctor Supersport Mad4Socca Mxpix Imagik

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Today’s Journey

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Mobile first Mobile first

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Up to 56% of all ad revenue in 1 year

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One voice Multiple platforms “70% of regular internet users own between 2-3 devices from which they access the internet.” -DMMA Digital Nation Research 2012

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One voice Multiple platforms

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One voice Multiple platforms

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Dual screening

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Mobile redemption 74

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Range Rover Sport Using websocket technology Users synced phone with ad unit Allowed them to race the vehicle through various terrain using their smartphone / tablet

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Starbucks – Mobile app

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Cinema OOH Print Radio Television These FB and Twitter logos make sense! Online in approach Vague in execution Website address Go do something complicated! Like our page you have no idea where to find! That last half second #Tag Shazam LBS Technology Search / Addressable USSD Search SMS #Tag #Tag Shazam Search 4 Mobi Site Medium Current way of thinking Thinking Mobile First Slap the URL on here, they would love to access the website from the theatre Mobile first in every channel

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