iOS vs Android

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iOS vs Android Which platform to target first

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An age-old debate Debate ever since both iOS and Android stores started accepting apps Where do you get more users? Where do you make more money? What is your target audience using - iOS or Android?

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For businesses If you are looking for a larger reach - Android is for you Internet traffic is much more from Android devices compared to iOS Android has a much wider user base compared to iOS (> 75% world market share)

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For businesses Metrics show iOS users spend more money iOS apps make almost 50% more than their Android counterparts If online sales is your target, definitely go with iOS

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For businesses Where and who is your target audience Age group, geography (Asia for its sheer numbers) Android is more popular in Asian countries than iOS. But Apple catching up

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Indie developers Android has its own share of problems Over 1600 devices 5 widely-used OS versions Multiple screen resolutions Device manufacturers/telecoms have own implementation of Android Poor backward compatibility

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Indie developers iOS development more simplified < 10 devices (with support for just 3 different resolutions) 2-3 OS versions A universal OS version available for upgrade on all devices instantly

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Indie developers Looking at making money through app sales and IAPs - choose iOS Looking at making money through impressions/ads - choose Android In the end, it really depends on which platform you are best positioned to develop for (skills, availability, time to market)

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PhoneGap - the manna from heaven for indie developers and businesses Target multiple OS’ (and versions) with same code base Use jQuery/responsive UI for multiple resolutions Has its disadvantages but works well for most cases A better alternative?

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