8As of UX in Wearables

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8As of UX in Wearables

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Trisenx Chief Creative Officer iHealth Lab, inc. Adjunct Professor San Jose State University Cofounder, CEO Gopackup, inc. Founder, CEO Peopeo, LLC Co-founder Qingch Media Director Central Academy of Fine Arts Co-founder, CEO San Stone, LLC Founding team, Director Trisenx Holdings Inc.

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1. A Product What is your product/service? What problems it solve? Who is your target user? What is the value you are bringing to your users?

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2. Aware How do people aware/acknowledge of your brand, product and services? What is the message you are delivering to your users? How you reach to your audience? How do you make people aware the needs of your product/services?

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3. Access How can people access your product/service? Is it easy to access your product/service? What about the accessibility issue within your product/service? How to increase/improve your accessibility?

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4. Accept Does people agree and accept your selling point? Does people accept your value? What is the satisfaction rate? How to make more people agreed with your value proposition? How to make people agree and accept more easily?

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5. Adopt Does your product introducing new life style or behavior to the users? Does people willing to take the change? How easily is your people to be adopted by the users? Merge into people’s existing life style or make them adopt a new way?

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6. Appreciate How people love your brand/product/services? How people appreciate the value you are delivering to them? How people enjoying their experience with your product/service? Do people appreciate your effort behind?

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7. Addict How is your user engagement? Is your user still actively use your product/service? How to retain users? How to keep people actively engaging? How to make people really addicted to your product/services?

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8. Attached How people connected to your product/services? How to build a strong attachment/connection? What you want people to be part of? Is the connection/attachment strong enough to keep users and also remain active? Build a tie of affections? Obligations? Responsibilities? Self esteem? Self realization?

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Tingbin Tang tbin@ihealthlabs.com