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Welcome to mobile The Future is here..

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Today’s primetime devices are smartphones and tablets, not tv's Mobile Phone Future

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What is a smartphone? A mobile pocket size computer that provides me… communications, information, entertainment, and much more in real time My pocket personal assistant

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Mobile is Just warming up! It’s not hard to imagine that most cell phones will inevitably make way for smartphones. That is at least 6-7 times the growth we’ve already seen.

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More smartphones born than babies world wide Good chance today’s babies grow up with their own personal assistant at their disposal, the smartphone or smart tablet.

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Emerging economies leading the way with mobile usage India’s mobile internet usage surpasses desktop Most economies are set to follow suit

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Consumers glued to their smartphones Smartphone owners are simply in love with their phones

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The way of doing business Consumers are not the only ones who personalize their smartphone to fit their lifestyles, careers, goals etc. Business owners find that doing business becomes much easier with the help of smartphones

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SmartPhones and tablets impact on web design Technology 2.0 plain and simple They changed technology from stationary to mobile capabilities Time for web design to follow suit Website have to now be responsive and tailor-suited for an audience on the go

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Web Design shift Websites used to be built mostly for information purposes Too much reading on the go isn’t the purpose Today websites are built based on what the visitor will experience Mobile sites now are being built first, then the “experience” dictates how a bigger screen (call it tablet or desktop) will enhance the original mobile experience

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HTML5 A language that can easily talk to all devices. Websites and applications are created through computer languages HTML5 is the language that is the most successfully implemented one on all devices.

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Some examples of websites that desperately need to be built for mobile with the customer’s experience in mind

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magnoliafacilities.com A very simple website that could have a simple legible mobile version.

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ethicalaz.com This a great example of a website that could be great on mobile. It’s not legible, certainly not mobile focused consumers on the go need simple

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examples of mobile websites that were built for mobile with the customer’s experience in mind

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oxforddictionaries.com A dictionary on the go Even has pronunciation

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visitlondon.com Probably the best mobile website I’ve ever seen.

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Future of our economy No question our children grow up really fast No question they will be consumers before we know it No question mobile will be the central part of their lives No question a business must be mobile on smartphones and tablets if it seeks to reach the next generation

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