Mobile App Testing…at a glance.

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Mobile App Testing…at a glance.

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How comfortable are you on a bike without a helmet? Writing code without tests is like riding a bike without a helmet. You might feel free and indestructible for now, but one day you’ll fall and it’s going to hurt.

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Testing Assures

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Primary goal of your testing efforts is not to find errors. Goal in testing should be to understand the quality of your offerings. Testing Goals

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Common Features of Web and Mobile Testing Browser compatibility checks Evaluation for different screen resolutions Similar instruments (emulators of browsers/ devices) It is not hard for a web tester to switch to mobile devices

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See how your development app will perform in a real-world environment by installing and testing it directly on android, iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

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Test in Real-Time Plug in your mobile device (iPad, iPhone, android and iPod) touch to use Xcode’s graphical debugger, or collect real-time performance data in Instruments’ timeline view. These powerful optimization tools allow you to quickly identify and address any performance issues.

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With your app running on a mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, android and iPod) touch, you can test the performance of your app connected to a Wi-Fi or carrier’s network for a real-world user experience. Test Over the Air

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Critical Factors of Mobile Testing Use of emulators and actual devices Use of test automation

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Choosing Testing Strategy

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Real devices have the advantage of having all of the limitations and quirks present in the actual client hardware. Hardware Exceptions handling is possible e.g. low battery, power-offs, insufficient memory, etc. Testing with real devices is incredibly expensive. Real handsets are not designed with testing in mind so limited processing power and storage of the handsets does not allow on-board diagnostic software to be loaded. Real Device

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Emulator Emulated devices are easier to manage one can switch device types by simply loading a new device profile. Emulators run on more powerful PCs/servers and designed with testing in mind. Emulated devices are cost effective. Emulated devices lack the quirks and faults that only the real device can provide Hardware Exceptions handling is not possible e.g. low battery, power-offs, insufficient memory, etc.

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Let’s summarize Mobile application testing is: Easy to perform – it can be described with a check-list, there is no complex functionality. Easy to plan – coverage is defined by exploring current usage stats. Inexpensive – we can use emulators, online services and use Friends&Family approach. Challenging – variety of models and OS versions.

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