Mobile Strategy for Small Businesses

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Mobile Strategy for Small Businesses Bridget Randolph SME MOBILE STRATEGIES 2014

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mobile is HUGE. Image Source

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by 2017, 85% of the world’s population will have 3G coverage. @BridgetRandolph Source: Ericsson Mobility Report

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internet.org initiative from Facebook

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@BridgetRandolph Source: Cisco's Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update internet in year 2000 mobile data in 2012 mobile data usage in 2012 was 12x the size of the entire internet in 2000

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@BridgetRandolph Source: Ericsson Mobility Report (pg. 10)

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we’ll be more connected than ever @BridgetRandolph

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you'll reach people you can't reach any other way. @BridgetRandolph

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a multiscreen, device-agnostic world. @BridgetRandolph

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25% of UK consumers have made a purchase using their mobile device. Source: Econsultancy

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77% of smartphone users have researched a product or service on their phone. Source: Google Databoard

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about half then purchased the item in-store. Source: Google Databoard

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so businesses need to be mobile-friendly.

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mobile can’t just be an add-on anymore. @BridgetRandolph

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the problem is,

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people are doing it WRONG.

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even big brands mess up…

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Forbes – interstitial ads

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…and my personal favourite:

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Starbucks – lost CTA

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Starbucks – lost CTA (they’ve fixed it now.)

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…or worse, they don’t do anything. 60% of small businesses have websites; only half of these are mobile-friendly.

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Apple – no mobile website

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70% of the top 20 UK retailers have a mobile-friendly website. Source: Econsultancy only

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Image Source

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small businesses are even less likely to have a mobile-friendly web presence. 60% of small businesses have websites; only half of these are mobile-friendly.

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2 reasons.

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they don’t see the value. 71% of smartphone owners have researched a product on their device which they later bought.

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but it’s easy enough to show the value of mobile marketing. 84% of small businesses saw an increase in new business due to mobile marketing efforts

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so it seems more likely that…

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…they just don’t know where to start.

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that’s where I come in.

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Bridget Randolph SEO Consultant, Distilled bridget.randolph@distilled.net @BridgetRandolph

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Mobile Strategy for Small Businesses Bridget Randolph

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Getting Started with Mobile

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Step 1 Mobile-Friendly Website

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where your online customers primarily interact with you. 61% of mobile users who land on a non-mobile-friendly site are likely to go to a competitor's site

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3 main approaches

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responsive rearranges the layout dynamic serving serves different HTML on same URL separate mobile subdomain e.g. m.domain.com

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choose an approach based on

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your goals and technical capabilities

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your users’ needs.

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(we did a flowchart for our Best Practice Guide) www.distilled.net/training/mobile-seo-guide

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but for a small business with a small website…

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…I’d usually recommend using a responsive template,

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and a CMS (like Wordpress).

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individual Wordpress themes Designfolio (from PressCoders): free, or $79 with support licence. Standard: $49 or $99 with support licence. Responsive (from CyberChimps): free. premium Wordpress theme providers Elegant Themes: ~$40/year with full support. WooThemes: free-$70.

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or, if you don’t want to use Wordpress: SquareSpace: from $8/month (for the most basic service). Wix: around $10/month.

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Simples! Image Source

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but I can’t afford that.

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if you do NOTHING else,

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Slide 55


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because they’re already mobile-friendly.

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and start saving up for a mobile- friendly website! Image Source

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final point to remember:

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a mobile-friendly website is NOT a strategy.

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it’s just the starting point.

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Step 2 Search and Discovery

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how people find your website.

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mobile SEO local search social media

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1) mobile SEO

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responsive design? SEO of Responsive Design by Kristina Kledzik

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You don’t need to do anything extra.

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what if I can’t use a responsive design?

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dynamic serving Vary HTTP header http://goo.gl/km1qcZ Up to 73% of mobile local keyword rankings differed from their desktop counterparts

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separate URLs There are several areas to look at. I wrote a whole post on Moz about it. http://moz.com/blog/how-to-optimize-a-mobile-site A Checklist for Optimizing Your Mobile Site

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2) local search

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any business with a physical location and/or location-based service area. 94% of smartphone users have looked for local info and 84% have taken action as a result

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Desktop result for ‘plumber’ search in London

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Mobile result for ‘plumber’ search in London

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there are several factors for local search rankings

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on-page optimization for location

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local listings Google My Business other relevant local business directories Yahoo! Local Bing Local  Yelp Merchant Circle Angie’s List Judy’s Book  Kudzu 

Slide 78

Google My Business Small Business Guide to Google My Business

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local linkbuilding (e.g. local news sites, government sites, blogs, etc.)

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“NAP” citations (like links for local SEO) Name Address Phone number

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consistency signal to Google that they all refer to the same business

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protip: use Whitespark’s Local Citation Finder tool - from $20/month

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images storefront and product

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structured data Schema.org: /Place and /LocalBusiness hCard markup KML file for GoogleMaps

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social profiles Google+ Facebook 24% of local search via apps happens on Facebook’s mobile app

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reviews and recommendations Yelp Google My Business TripAdvisor Yahoo! Local Foursquare Zagat (for restaurants)

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for a great local SEO resource, check out David Mihm’s report on Local Search Ranking Factors 2013 http://moz.com/local-search-ranking-factors

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Does it work?

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case study – Coffee Corner

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We managed to get them to the top of page 1 within 6 weeks, which took their search traffic from 100 to just under 300 visitors per month Gareth Brown, founder of Target Local

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They’re also seeing visitors coming from their Yelp profile.

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3) social media

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we’ve already seen that social is important for local SEO.

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but it’s also a marketing channel in its own right.

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4 out of every 5 people who use Facebook daily access it on a mobile device.

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social media is a good way for your mobile visitors to find and interact with you…

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…if you do it right.

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and social is not just a part of the discovery process. @BridgetRandolph

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a great channel for maintaining customer loyalty. @BridgetRandolph

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first, you need to remember:

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it’s about conversation, not broadcast.

Slide 102

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use the ‘dinner party’ test.

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and have a content plan.

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this is all just basic social media best practice.

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mobile-social protip: make sure that the content you share is mobile-friendly.

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so you’ve got a mobile-friendly website.

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and you’ve made it easy for mobile users to find you.

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now what?

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now the fun part:

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Step 3: Reaching Out

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in this phase, you can reach out to your customers where they are,

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instead of waiting for them to come to you.

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you can bypass the search process altogether with apps exclusive mobile content emails

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1) apps

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do I need an app?

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Apple Store: 900,000+ apps Google Play: 1,000,000+ apps @BridgetRandolph Source

Slide 118

7 iPhone apps earned 10% of app store revenue for iPhone @BridgetRandolph Source

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benefit: it’s a walled garden. @BridgetRandolph

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are you sure you need one? @BridgetRandolph

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probably not.

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small steps: ask yourself, does my app: @BridgetRandolph 5 questions based on ‘For Mobile Devices, Think Apps, Not Ads’, HBR Mar 2013

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add convenience? @BridgetRandolph small steps: ask yourself, does my app:

Slide 124

offer unique value? @BridgetRandolph small steps: ask yourself, does my app:

Slide 125

provide social value? @BridgetRandolph small steps: ask yourself, does my app:

Slide 126

offer incentives? @BridgetRandolph small steps: ask yourself, does my app:

Slide 127

entertain? @BridgetRandolph small steps: ask yourself, does my app:

Slide 128

if not, you probably shouldn’t build it. @BridgetRandolph small steps: ask yourself, does my app:

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but if your business model relies on frequent return visits,

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it may be worth investing in an app.

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2 types of app:

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native app (iOS, Android, etc) web app (HTML5)

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Apple's App Store contains ~775,000 apps native app web app pros faster performance more specific functionality app store support cons ???? high-maintenance approval process longer pros cheaper easier to maintain cons one-size-fits-all can’t be accessed offline no app store support

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some tools to help you build an app: Bizness Apps: from $59/month (native apps) ViziApps: starts from ?29/month (web app) or ?99/month for (native app) AppMakr: free native Android app (with ads), or for $9/month native iPhone and Android apps (no ads). Premium option: $99 one-time fee for white-label version. RedFoundry: contact for a quote These tools were featured on Mashable

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And of course, AppsBuilder! from €9/month

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2) exclusive mobile content

Slide 137

some ideas:

Slide 138

- loyalty app

Slide 139

push notifications with geotargeting

Slide 140

related to

Slide 141

exclusive offers for mobile visitors

Slide 142

are you sure you need an app?

Slide 143

because if you want an easy hack…

Slide 144

check-in and coupon services Foursquare, Facebook, Groupon.

Slide 145

added benefit: online visibility and social proof

Slide 146

speaking of Facebook and Foursquare…

Slide 147

bonus tip: social media competitions

Slide 148

3) emails

Slide 149

62% of e-mails are opened on mobile devices.  @BridgetRandolph Source: US Consumer Device Preference Report (Q2 2013)

Slide 150

email marketing IS mobile marketing. @BridgetRandolph

Slide 151

if you do email marketing, make sure you’re using

Slide 152

mobile-friendly email templates. 79% of smartphone owners use their smartphone for reading email

Slide 153

email providers with mobile-friendly templates MailChimp: from ~$10/month Campaign Monitor: from $10/month or $5/campaign

Slide 154

if you don’t want to use their full service, you can simply use them to build your email and export the HTML.

Slide 155

and finally…

Slide 156

bonus tip:

Slide 157

provide in-store wifi and collect customer data such as email addresses or (quick!) survey answers. Half of the smartphone users who researched a product on their phone later purchased the item in-store

Slide 158

this doesn’t have to be scary… Image Source

Slide 159

in fact, it’s really easy! MyPlaceConnect provides a service to set this up for you - from €25/month

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you might decide to do ALL the things.

Slide 161

or not.

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but no matter your individual needs…

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…there are a few important things to remember.

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mobile is HUGE. Mobile commerce accounts for 23% of online sales

Slide 165

Source: Mobile Growth Stats 2013

Slide 166

need you a mobile strategy.

Slide 167

start with a mobile-friendly website.

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and build up from there.

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it’s easier than you think!

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Thank you bridget.randolph@distilled.net @BridgetRandolph

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