These 3 Dow Stocks Gave the Market the Monday Blues

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These 3 Dow Stocks Gave the Market the Monday Blues

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Dow Jones Industrials Fall 0.13% on Monday The Dow fell 24 points on Monday to 17,623, with Apple, Chevron, and Exxon Mobil leading decliners. Image courtesy Jean-Pierre Lavoie.

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Apple, down $3.88 (3.3%) to $115.20 Source: Apple.

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Why Did Apple Fall on Monday? The stock price gained more than $8 last week as the broader market recovered sharply from recent declines. Investors are somewhat nervous about whether the pace of iPhone 6s sales this quarter will live up to expectations, with Apple releasing its quarterly results on Tuesday afternoon. One company that supplies materials for the iPhone and various other Apple products preannounced weak results ahead of schedule, raising concerns.

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Chevron, down $2.47 (2.7%) to $88.77 Source: Chevron.

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Why Did Chevron Fall on Monday? Crude oil prices continued to fall on Monday, with West Texas Intermediate prices dropping below the $44 per barrel level and global Brent crude prices remaining well below the $50 mark as well. Investors are bracing for Chevron’s earnings report on Friday, in which the oil giant is expected to see a 45% plunge in revenue that will cut earnings per share by nearly three-quarters. Even as oil prices remain weak, global economic activity hasn’t picked up, suggesting poor demand for energy products for the near future.

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ExxonMobil, down $1.76 (2.1%) to $81.22 Source: Exxon Mobil.

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Why Did Exxon Mobil Fall on Monday? The same crude-oil price declines hitting Chevron also had a downward impact on Exxon stock, given that both are major integrated oil companies with both exploration and production units as well as downstream refining and marketing operations. Exxon is also expected to release its latest earnings report on Friday, with an expected 40% drop in sales and with earnings likely to fall by more than half. Both Exxon and Chevron face the monumental challenges of finding new production to replace played-out existing wells, which could stymie long-term growth in the future.

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