The Mobile-First Bank Branch

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$ The Mobile-First Bank Branch Transforming Banks for an Always-On World With increasing adoption of mobile banking, banks must take a “mobile-first” approach to their branch networks Demand for Mobile Services at an All Time High Advanced Devices Drive Adoption of Mobile Banking Services BY 2020 52% of smartphone users rely on mobile banking services 40% smartphone penetration is expected to increase to 90%, and nearly 190 million tablets will be in use of tablet users access their bank accounts from their devices Popular Mobile Banking Activities Traditional Bank Branches Risk Obsolescence Among Mobile Banking Users Checking account balances and transaction history (94%) Traditional bank branches allow customers to perform every transaction inside a bank branch, even mobile/online transactions that can be done from anywhere Receiving alerts related to banking transactions (57%) Money transfer between consumer’s own accounts (61%) Mobile check deposit (47%) Mobile-First Bank Branches Can Optimize Success Banks need to transform their legacy branches into smaller footprint, advice-focused, mobilefirst bank branches to achieve these benefits Banks Should Adopt a WellStructured Approach for Mobile Service Delivery Determine appropriate bank branch deployment model STEP 1 Identify customer zones and processes that should be mobilized COMPETITIVE DIFFERENTIATION ENRICHED CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT STEP 2 Identify key technologies required for mobile-first bank branches STEP 3 Consider solutions to reduce risks for mobile-first bank branch services STEP 4 INCREASED WORKER PRODUCTIVITY STRENGTHENED EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION Rely on data analytics to optimize deployments and scale gradually STEP 5 Reshaping the Mobile-First Bank Branch with Technology Banks should identify and prioritize the “in-the-branch” zones that they should automate and mobilize. The ultimate goal should be to mobilize every zone ATTRACT ZONE SELF-SERVE ZONE ENGAGE ZONE ADVISE ZONE TRANSACT ZONE New Customer Acquisition Efficient Customer Service Improved Customer Engagement Personalized Service Delivery Bridge Physical/ Mobile Channels Digital Displays and Signage Tablet-based Kiosks Video Employee Tablets for Mobile Conferencing Concierge Services Services Printers and Document Services Tightening economic conditions and the pervasiveness of mobility make it essential for banks to deploy mobile-first bank branches. Banks that adopt a well-structured, step-by-step approach to facilitating mobile-first services in their branches can successfully meet customer expectations for mobilizing their financial lives and eliminating risks from mobile-first bank branch deployments. MOBILE BANK BRANCH CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE WHITE PAPER: “BUILDING THE MOBILE-FIRST BANK BRANCH” BLOG insights.samsung.com Sources: Frost & Sullivan research TWITTER @SamsungBizUSA WEBSITE www.samsung.com/business

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