The Future of Everyday Banking

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John is walking down the highstreet on a sunny day and sees this amazing camera in a shop window that he wanted to buy for many weeks.

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He also knows that his bank is offering a new service that will allow him to buy the camera instantly through an instant loan facility. HI THERE! How are you doing? STORE want to buy this great camera?

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All John has to do is to login to the app using his account to initiate the transaction. STORE

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The transaction is seamless because he can use his near field communication (NFC) enabled device, which allows the app to transfer the funds directly into the merchant's account.

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WELCOME! please login via facebook Even though John didn’t buy the camera, it is important for John to use a bank that adds value to his day-to-day banking needs. His bank should help him reach his payment goals and make his life easier. Your name E-mail login

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please enter your savings goal 600 $ 7 His bank is proactively asks him how much he wants to save, and then helps reach his saving goals by automatically putting aside savings based on his spending habit. 8 9 4 5 6 1 2 3 0 , submit Reliability and relevance are even more important. His bank doesn’t interrupt his day with notifications he doesn’t need, but instead provides features like fast mobile banking that is there for him when he needs it, and it integrate into other services seamlessly.

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we have GREAT OFFERS for you! close view John’s bank also provides location-relevant information. For example, the bank app shows him nearby and personalized offers based on the location he is in and on his previous purchases. These offers are not only from the bank, but from merchants and deal providers that are linked to the bank.

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WELCOME! check out these great offers! 199$ John’s bank already has a loyalty program with a large list of merchants and great offers available. Great! But offers need to be relevant to John. John allows his bank to use his past transaction history so they send him tailored offers every month. 59$ 999$

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your bank credit card loyalty program The key is data. His bank already has a lot of data about him which they use to analyse his spending patterns, account balance, transaction locations, etc. That’s why John’s bank knows that he frequently travels to Europe and offers him anything that is applicable to his jet setting lifestyle, such as flights or insurance packages to European destinations. Not only that, they offer him installment plans for the flights if he uses his credit card too! 50% discount

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John’s bank is involved at every touchpoint of the Doe’s lives, because he always uses the bank to make a card payment or withdraw cash. Banking innovation makes this process even easier. iBeacon technology allows John to eat at a restaurant without even having to pull out his wallet and pay. John, like other customers, usually prefer plastic over cash. Because of this, John has grown accustomed to services like Uber over regular public transportation because he doesn't have to worry about carrying enough petty cash on his person to get him through the day. Instead the payment is handled automatically in the background for him.

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iBeacon payment

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John’s bank is present in both the physical world and online. His bank integrates directly with other platforms. Loyalty programs are enabled with ecommerce functionality in order to redeem or buy products, and the merchants are able to receive data from the bank in order to personalize the offers and make them more relevant. your bank credit card loyalty program | OFFERS 199$ GO 99$ GO 499$ GO 210$ GO

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your bank credit card loyalty program | OFFERS 199$ GO 99$ GO 499$ GO 210$ GO

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This has opened new opportunities for his bank to re-introduce their existing services such as short term loans. Together with personal finance management tools his bank advises him on a product purchase and even checks if he can afford it, or see what alternatives are available in the market. Banks that truly want to help customers manage their finances should do so across all channels. shop online GREAT OFFERS EVERY DAY 199$ FINANCE NOW

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please enter your savings goal 600 $ 7 8 9 4 5 6 1 2 3 0 , submit

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please enter your savings goal 600 $ your savings so far 550$ may: 100$ june: 300$ july: 150$ buy instantly using mobile credit

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get awesome rewards! YOUR SCORE SO FAR There is another opportunity for banks to gamify the overall banking experience. Users do not only want better user interfaces and have a better user experience, but be rewarded for their achievements. 27500PT Earn 10.000 PT by referring us to your friends. share

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200$ mobile payments 200$ Sending payments via Twitter, SMS, Facebook or WhatsApp are natural for John and Jane. His bank is planning to invest more in creating their own solutions in order to keep the connection with the customer going. send

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150$ When John’s wife, Jane, needs some extra cash she can simple call John and he sends her money via a simple text message. Mobility is extremely important for the young couple, but so is the ability to transact freely. This is a challenge that many banks face, where transfers are rather complex to execute, especially between different banks.

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iBeacon payment

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Sending cash and allowing customers to withdraw at ATMs is already very popular in many developed countries, however, a majority of underbanked customers still remain who do not have access to credit cards, smartphone,or online banking. There is an opportunity to cater to these customers who would benefit from SMS-based cash. 50$ iBeacon payment

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Her mobile application processes the transaction in the background when leaving the store, and her payment automatically gets debited from her account, and so there’s no need to stand in line!

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1x Milk 1x Orange Juice 1x Apple Juice 1x Bread 2x Cucumber 4x Soda 2x Pasta 1,5$ 2,0$ 2,0$ 1,2$ 1,0$ 3,0$ 4,0$ TOTAL 14,7$ Her mobile application processes the transaction in the background when leaving the store, and her payment automatically gets debited from her account, and so there’s no need to stand in line!

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iBeacon payment

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Social banking is another channel that banks can explore to truly become customer-centric. As customers spend more time either passively or actively engaging on social networks, banking presence online is an advantage. Sending money through social networks is similar to sending it through messages or email . This way Jane can send some quick cash to her sister who is backpacking through India.

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150$ 150$ send Social payments are addressing needs such as convenience, ease of use, and integration of banking services into digital platforms. And it makes total sense as users actively spend one hour or more per day on social networks.

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! ! ! you have exceeded your monthly electricity limit! With the rise of the internet of things, banks can further integrate into customers lives. By collecting data and profiling users, banks can add value through their own or third party services. The bank already has information about John’s electricity consumption based on his bills, but by integrating this data into solutions like Google Nest, the service could now highlight any usage and cost deficiencies and can earn John and Jane a surprise discount by the end of the month. This would require information to be more easily accessible from banks, which can be a privacy concern. However, this can also be an opportunity because customers trust their bank with their data more than other tech companies. Therefore it is necessary for a bank to be a gatekeeper of their customers’ data. close view

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you’ve run out of juice. should i order more? close view John’s smart kitchen devices detect when his family needs to make a trip down to the grocery, and his bank helps in the background to make the transactions as easy as possible and helps with his personal finance management by categorizing all expenses. Hello!

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MARCH monthly spendings Food 800$ Electricity 150$ Entertainment 930$ Rent This gives John a detailed overview on where he is spending his money. 750$ TOTAL: 2630$ SAVED: 1600$

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Jane’s car needed an upgrade, and safety was paramount for the Does.

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Luckily Jane’s bank offers her a virtual banking service. Jane browses through car loan options and receives helpful advice on which cars fit within her budget. All done remotely. your bank car loans BANK

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To seal the deal, Jane’s banking relationship manager made it all the way to their home too!

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With the loan approved, the Does could pick up their new car without hassle. CAR DEALER

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With the car picked up from the dealership and while driving back home, Jane and John remembered their bank set up a new digital branch in their favourite mall. Bank mobile branch

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Bank mobile branch

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WELCOME TO OUR BRANCH How can we help you? I need teller service I want to speak to bank manager I need to deposit a cheque John and Jane can use their mobile banking app to request teller services and access self service desks. NEED A LOAN? APPLY FOR OUR PREMIUM CREDIT CARD

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While Jane and John love the tools their bank provides, they still appreciate the personal interaction they can get once in a while whenever they need. Their bank has managed to create a perfect harmony of digital omnichannel banking while keeping the experience as personal as possible. NEED A LOAN? APPLY FOR OUR PREMIUM CREDIT CARD

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