You Won’t Need to Worry About Social Security if You Do This

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You Won’t Need to Worry About Social Security if You Do This Photo credit: www.TaxCredits.net

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Worried about Social Security? You are not alone! 81% of Americans are worried that Social Security is veering severely off-course according to a 2011 Washington Post-ABC News poll.

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Worried about Social Security? It’s time to stop worrying and to start acting.

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Worried about Social Security? It’s up to you to fuel your retirement years.

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Worried about Social Security? There are few better ways to fuel your retirement than investing in oil and gas.

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Worried about Social Security? If you invest in any of these three stock you likely will never need to worry about Social Security.

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ConocoPhillips ConocoPhillips’ oil and gas production spans the globe. NYSE: COP Photo credit: ConocoPhillips

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ConocoPhillips The largest U.S. independent oil and gas company. Growing production from the Eagle Ford Shale, Bakken Shale, Canadian Oil Sands and mega-projects overseas. Compelling opportunities in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico and emerging shale plays in the U.S. and Canada. Key facts Photo credit: Flickr/ Jonathan Wheeler

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ConocoPhillips Massive sources of growth due to key positions in some of the world’s best resource trends. Current plan will grow its production and margins by 3%-5% annually. Steadily growing dividend that currently yields 3.5%. End result: Double digit annual growth for the foreseeable future with a very compelling dividend. Why invest? Photo credit: Flickr/ Jonathan Wheeler

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Devon Energy Devon Energy produces oil and gas in the U.S. and in Canada. NYSE: DVN Photo credit: Devon Energy

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Devon Energy Early mover in shale development after it bought the company that discovered how to use fracking to unlock shale gas. Sold nearly all of its international operations to focus on growth in U.S. shale and Canadian oil sands. Rock solid balance sheet. Key facts

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Devon Energy Balanced production mix of half oil and half gas. However, oil production expected to grow 20% annually for the foreseeable future. Dividend has grown 23% annually since 2004 and now yields 1.36%. End result: Tremendous capital gains potential and a growing dividend. Why invest?

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EOG Resources EOG Resources produces oil and gas in the U.S. as well as internationally. NYSE: EOG Photo credit: Flickr/Roy Luck

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EOG Resources Formerly Enron Oil & Gas Company but adopted new name after declaring independence from Enron in 1999. Among the first companies to discover oil in the Eagle Ford Shale. Recently discovered four new oil plays in the Rocky Mountain region. Key facts Photo credit: Kinder Morgan

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EOG Resources 15 year inventory of high return, oil-rich future well locations in the U.S. On pace to become America’s top oil producer by 2018. Wasn’t even in the top five last year. Current dividend yield is just 0.5%, however, EOG Resources has raised the payout 15 straight years including 33% this past year. End result: Very strong growth over the next decade. Why invest? Photo credit: Kinder Morgan

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Key Takeaways All three are well positioned in American shale plays to fuel strong future growth. Each pays a consistently growing dividend that will be materially higher in the years to come. End result: No need to be worry about Social Security. Photo credit: Kinder Morgan

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Don’t worry about Social Security... …supplement it these energy stocks. Click the link below to get started.