The 10 Highest Paying Stocks in the S&P 500

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Motley Fool Investment Planning The 10 Highest Paying Stocks in the S&P 500 1

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The average yield among the top 10 is 6.58% (as of September 2, 2015). The companies that make up the top 10 are 3 Energy companies 3 Telecoms 3 REITs 1 Consumer goods company 2 About the S&P’s Highest Yielders

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10. AT&T (NYSE: T) Dividend Yield: 5.66% The telecom giant provides wireless service to about 120 million customers. With limited growth potential, AT&T chooses to pay out a large portion of its income as a dividend. AT&T is a “dividend aristocrat”, with 30 consecutive years of dividend increases. 3 September 2, 2015 Source: Flickr user Mike Mozart

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9. Ventas (NYSE: VTR) Dividend Yield: 5.74% Ventas is a REIT that owns about 1,500 health care properties including Senior housing Skilled nursing facilities Hospitals Medical office buildings Tenants are on long term triple-net leases, which creates a stable, consistently increasing stream of income. 4 September 2, 2015

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8. Conoco Phillips (NYSE: COP) Dividend Yield: 6.05% Conoco is one of the largest independent exploration and production (E&P) companies in the world. Conoco’s size and low-cost asset base will allow it to outperform peers while oil is cheap. The company’s CEO has stressed that the dividend is completely safe. 5 September 2, 2015 Source: David Wright via Wikipedia

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7. Kinder Morgan (NYSE: KMI) Dividend Yield: 6.05% Kinder Morgan is one of the largest energy transportation and storage companies in the world. The company has a large and diverse asset portfolio and has a fee-based business, which makes its revenue stream more stable than many other energy companies. 6 September 2, 2015

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6. HCP Inc. (NYSE: HCP) Dividend Yield: 6.10% HCP invests in health care real estate, mainly senior housing, life science facilities, skilled nursing, and medical offices. Over the next few decades, the population of senior citizens is expected to grow at five times the rate of the rest of the population. So, there will be enough demand for HCP’s properties no matter what the economy does. 7 September 2, 2015

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5. Mattel (NYSE: MAT) Dividend Yield: 6.49% Mattel is one of the world’s largest toy companies with such brands as Barbie dolls, Fisher-Price toys, American Girl dolls, and Hot Wheels toy cars. Mattel has a leading market share and strong balance sheet. However, its dividend is a little higher than its projected 2015 and 2016 earnings, so investors should keep an eye on the company’s profitability. 8 September 2, 2015 Source: Flickr user Bryce Womeldurf

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4. Iron Mountain (NYSE: IRM) Dividend Yield 6.70% Iron Mountain provides information storage and protection services. The company is classified as a specialized REIT, so it pays out most of its earnings, which explains the high dividend. 9 September 2, 2015 Source: www.geograph.org.uk

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3. ONEOK (NYSE: OKE) Dividend Yield: 6.72% ONEOK is a leading transporter of natural gas. The company is rather susceptible to changes in demand for energy transportation, which explains the drop of more than 50% over the past year. The company’s dividend is safe for now, but with a payout ratio of more than 100%, it may not be safe forever. 10 September 2, 2015

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2. CenturyLink (NYSE: CTL) Dividend Yield: 7.99% CenturyLink is the 3rd largest telecom provider in the U.S. With a high payout ratio of 89% of 2015’s projected earnings and relatively high debt, CenturyLink may have trouble paying its dividends if the economy turns sour. 11 September 2, 2015 Source: Wikipedia user Jelson25

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1. Frontier Communications (NYSE: FTR) Dividend Yield: 8.28% The S&P’s highest-paying stock is a wireline communications provider. The company is in the process of acquiring more than $10 billion in wireline assets from Verizon, which is expected to boost earnings immediately once complete. Frontier’s consistent cash flow ($1.27 per share in 2014) should be more than enough to continue its dividend payments. 12 September 2, 2015 Source: Flickr user Mike Mozart

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