Will the Global Economy Accelerate or Stumble? Our Mid-Year Outlook

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Will the global economy accelerate or stumble? Our Mid-Year Outlook

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The global economy grew modestly in the first half of 2015. But where will it go next?

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In a policy-driven world, we see three possible paths. Path 1 Economic Stagnation Path 3 Moderate Growth Path 2 Secular Expansion

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Path 1 Economic Stagnation U.S. rates rise quickly, restraining growth. Deflation takes over Europe and Japan. China weakens and global trade stagnates. Probability? Low

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Path 2 Secular Expansion China experiences significant consumption growth. The strong dollar and cheap energy fuel a U.S. boom. Europe and emerging markets see major structural reforms. Probability? Low

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Path 3 Moderate Growth Growth is strong enough to support corporate earnings, but not enough to cause inflationary concerns. Probability? High

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How do we get there?

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Europe, China and the U.S. avoid policy mistakes.

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Modest U.S. growth continues and credit conditions remain favorable.

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Greece stays in the Eurozone.

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Reforms stabilize and extend growth in China.

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Our Mid-Year Outlook? Great Moderation 2.0 All signs point to continued moderate growth in the U.S. and abroad.

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We believe: Stocks will keep outperforming bonds. Interest rates will stay low. Investors will pay up for scarce growth and income opportunities.

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The Beat Goes On

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