How Affluent Millennials are Reshaping the Future of Finance

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• WINNING • Affluent MILLENNIAL$ HOW THIS NEW POWER PERSONA IS RESHAPING THE FINANCE INDUSTRY AFFLUENT 1 5.5 USA Millennials MILLION There are 15.5 million Affluent Millennials in the United States today. This mighty generation has spending power... and they’re poised for even greater affluence. 2 TRILLION spent annually $ 59 TRILLION to be inherited in personal wealth $ AND LinkedIn and Ipsos recently conducted a global study of approximately 9,200 Millennial and GenX Internet users across 10 countries, focusing on the 1,507 responses from the United States. This infographic highlights the findings of this research and demonstrates the drastic changes this power persona demands throughout the finance industry. Key Findings: Affluent Millennials Are… Eternal Optimists Independent Social-Centric Open Minded Hungry for Education How Affluent Millennials are dramatically reshaping the future of the finance industry 32% 27% envision a cashless society where currency is no longer used for transactions Affluent Millennials are optimistic about a drastically different financial future. believe banks will no longer be primary financial institutions in the future AFFLUENT MILLENNIALS AFFLUENT GENXERS 72 57 % Affluent Millennials are making sacrifices today for a brighter tomorrow. % Percentage who agree: The sacrifices they make now will pay off in the future Compared to Affluent GenXers, Affluent Millennials are... 30% 3x 19 % Affluent Millennials are setting ambitious goals for their lives. 27% 3x 11% 6% 3x more likely to start a charitable foundation 18% 3x more likely to start a business Significantly more likely to buy a second home What Affluent Millennials are doing now to prepare for the future SAVING NOW FOR A BRIGHTER TOMORROW 35% More than 1/3 of Affluent Millennials save the majority of their paycheck 12% 69 % THINKING OUTSIDE THE FINANCE BOX $ of Affluent Millennials are open to traditionally non-financial services brands 47 % ONCE THEY CHOOSE A BRAND, THEY ARE VERY LOYAL of Affluent Millennials are very loyal to their selected financial institutions What Affluent Millennials are looking for in a financial services provider When choosing financial institutions, these 5 factors are twice as important to Affluent Millennials as they are to Affluent GenXers: SOCIAL Does the company have a strong social presence? RELATIONSHIP Do I already have a relationship with this company? SOCIAL PRESENCE Does the company have a positive buzz online? INFLUENCE Do any of my family members use this company? PURPOSE Does the company have a social mission I align with? AFFLUENT GENXERS AFFLUENT MILLENNIALS Affluent Millennials want the ability to use social networks to help make financial decisions. 39% 24 % Percentage who agree: Social networks are a “must-have” Status update: It’s already happening on LinkedIn Compared to the general population on LinkedIn, Affluent Millennials on LinkedIn have 2x MORE CONNECTIONS COMPANY FOLLOWS GROUP ACTIVITY SHARES 13x more Affluent Millennials share 13x more finance-related content on LinkedIn than the general population Navigating the shift: What should financial services providers do? BUILD RELATIONSHIPS WITH EMERGING AFFLUENT MILLENNIALS NOW TO ESTABLISH LIFELONG LOYALTY DELIVER EXPERT ADVICE TO ESTABLISH TRUST AND ENABLE INDEPENDENCE USE SOCIAL MEDIA TO DELIVER RELEVANT, PERSONALIZED FINANCIAL CONTENT CAST A SHARED VISION AND HELP EXECUTE A PLAN FOR RETIREMENT ? What do the findings mean for your financial institution? Read “Winning Affluent Millennials: How this New Power Persona is Reshaping the Finance Industry” now for data and insights that will shape the way financial firms target and serve Affluent Millennials. JOIN THE CONVERSATION TO LEARN EVEN MORE! Marketing Solutions LinkedIn Blog LinkedIn on Twitter

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