3 Best Performing Consumer Goods Stocks so far in 2015

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3 Best Performing Consumer Goods Stocks so far in 2015

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What do these stocks have in common? Sketchers, Amazon, and Sturm Ruger & Co. operate vastly different businesses. Yet, they all share a wild track record of success so far in 2015, with each stock having gained more than 65% year-to-date. Sketchers leads the charge, with its stock climbing more than 122% so far this year.

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1. Sketchers 3 Things have driven Sketchers impressive growth this year: Its popularity with tweens and Millennial's, international sales growth, and double-digit increases in its wholesale business. YTD Gain: 122.64%

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Sketchers steals Nike’s Playbook Similar to Nike, Sketchers is tapping big time celebrities for endorsement deals. Grammy-nominated performer Meghan Trainor recently signed a two year global marketing campaign with them.

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A promising growth story Sketchers captured 40% net sales growth in its first-quarter driven by strong sales of its kids shoes. Sketchers offers more affordable tweens kicks compared to rivals like Nike, which has helped it gain share of the lucrative kids market. Double-digit gains in its domestic and international wholesale businesses are also fueling results these days. Sketchers stock topped $100 this year for the first time in the company’s history.

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Sketchers valuation… Time to buy? The stock is trading near all-time highs at north of $121 per share today. However, the retailer’s manageable debt levels, robust revenue growth and strong product pipeline going forward make it an attractive investment for long-term investors. Sketchers should also see a near-term pop thanks to the upcoming back-to-school shopping season. Sketchers looks pricey at first glance, trading near a 52-week high.

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2. Amazon Amazon’s stock surged more than 10% last week after the e-commerce giant reported record second quarter results. YTD gain: 70.59%

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Amazon shows investors the money The e-commerce giant’s market cap soared to a record $247.6 billion this month, following the company’s surprise Q2 profit. The highlights from the quarter included: a 20% bump in revenue to $23.2 billion, and a quarterly profit of $0.19 which was better than analysts’ predictions for a loss of $0.14 per share in the quarter. Amazon has officially outshined Wal-Mart as the world’s biggest retailer by market value.

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Diversifying its revenue stream Amazon is more than an online retailer today. Its Web Services business is booming, with an upwards of 1 million active customers, and its public cloud computing platform now has more than 4-times the computing capacity of the next 14 largest providers combined, according to Morningstar.

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Amazon valuation… Time to buy? Shares of Amazon are trading around $534 apiece today. With a forward P/E of 184, the stock looks expensive based on traditional valuation metrics. It seems investors are paying up now for Amazon’s potential future sales. Therefore, if you don’t yet own the stock you may want to wait for a pullback before jumping in. Amazon’s stock is currently trading near the high-end of its 52-week range.

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3. Sturm Ruger & Co. As a purveyor of American made guns and firearms, Sturm Ruger may be a sin stock but at least it is one that will look good in your portfolio. YTD gain: 66.03%

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Sturm Ruger delivers solid results Sturm Ruger impressed Wall Street when it reported better-than-expected first-quarter results. The company’s net sales increased 12% from the previous quarter, despite a decline in national background checks over the period. Background checks are often used by the firearms industry to gauge consumer sentiment. Shares of the gun maker soared after the company reported a surprise $15 million Q1 profit.

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Sturm Ruger valuation… Time to buy? Shares of Sturm Ruger are currently trading around 38 times earnings or above the industry average P/E of 27. This indicates the stock is slightly overvalued. However, the company is set to report second-quarter earnings this week, which should give investors more color into its future. The stock is trading near its 52-week high at $57.22 per share.

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