Netflix Stock: Time to Take Profits or More Growth Ahead?

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Netflix Stock: Time to Take Profits or More Growth Ahead?

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Netflix stock at record highs

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Main questions for investors Is the rise in Netflix stock well supported by the company’s fundamentals or driven by speculation? Does the company offer more upside potential or is the best in the past for investors in Netflix?

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Netflix is a booming success

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Growth is accelerating Netflix gained 3.28 million new subscribers around the world in the second quarter of 2015. That’s nearly double the 1.69 million new subscribers it gained in the same period last year. Even in the U.S. -- the company’s most mature market -- Netflix added 0.9 million new members versus 0.57 million new additions in the second quarter of 2014. The company gained 2.37 new members in international markets, an explosive acceleration from 1.12 million in the year ago quarter.

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Subscriber Growth

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Exponential sales growth

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Expanding profit margin in the U.S.

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Profitable in present international markets “Our present international segment is on a path to achieve profitability this year. However, our substantial expansion into new European markets (with corresponding investments in content and marketing) in the second half of 2014 will keep our expanded international segment at a net loss.” Netflix shareholder letter 2Q 2015.

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Content is king Netflix has the knowledge and resources to continue delivering top quality content. Content drives competitive differentiation and growth. More content means a more value for customers and more pricing power for Netflix.

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The future Rapid growth in global markets and increasing profitability in the U.S. Netflix is expanding its presence from nearly 50 markets currently to approximately 200 countries by 2017. Management estimates the business is on track to making a contribution margin of 40% in the U.S. by 2020.

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Time to take profits or more growth ahead? Main source of risk: Netflix is priced for demanding expectations in the short term. The business is firing on all cylinders and offering considerable room for growth. The long term growth story in Netflix stock is as strong as ever.

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