Why Facebook Stock Jumped 35%

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Why Facebook Stock Jumped 35%

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Facebook Stock Price 12 Months

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3 Key Growth Drivers Expanding user base Increasing engagement per user Rising monetization

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Big and Growing Platform

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Expanding Into a Family of Platforms 1.4 billion monthly Facebook users 800 million WhatsApp accounts 700 million Groups members 600 million Messenger users 300 million active Instagram members

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Daily Engagement Is Rising

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Daily Engagement Is Rising “We continue to see strong growth in daily engagement around the world, including in our most engaged markets.” Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook earnings conference call 1Q 2015

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Healthy Monetization Trends Average revenue per user grew 25% to $2.5 on a global scale during the last quarter. Monetization levels are much higher in the U.S. and Canada than in other markets. This indicates that Facebook enjoys considerable room to continue increasing monetization in the future.

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Room to Increase Global Monetization

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More Money and Less Ads Average price per ad increased 285% in the last quarter, while ad impressions declined 63%. Facebook is making more money with less ads, so the company is delivering to investors while at the same time taking care of the user experience.

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Driving Explosive Revenue Growth

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