How a Teacher Can Become a Millionaire

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How a Teacher Can Become a Millionaire How a husband and wife, both teachers, saved up nearly $1 million in just 16 years.

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Yes, it’s true! Ed Mills and his wife have spent the bulk of their working lives as teachers in Georgia. They’ve used some unusual techniques to become millionaires—all while living a life they wouldn’t trade for anything. Photo: Facebook page for Millionaire Educator

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In 1996, the Mills family was $40,000 in debt. By 1999, their assets were even with their debts. In 2015, the family’s net worth is almost $1 million

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But how did they do it? The couple’s journey is best understood by looking at five key aspects of their lives

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Key #1 Teaching in Saudi Arabia (1996-2001)

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The Advantages Though the salary was just $40k per year… It was not taxed! Use of housing and a car were included free of charge!

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The Result After three years, their student loans were entirely paid off. After two more years, the couple’s net worth was $103,000.

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Key #2 Teaching in Georgia: Maxing Out Retirement Accounts (2002-2015)

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Supercharged Savings Back in 2002, the couple earned $85,000 combined. From 2002 onward, the couple maxed out their 403(b)s and IRAs (Traditional or Roth) From 2005/2006 onward, they maxed out their 457 accounts (which allow for penalty-free withdrawals), a Coverdell Education Account (for their son), and their school-sponsored annuity. From 2012 on, they maxed out a family Health Savings Acct. (HSA).

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Key #3 Salary Bumps via Advanced Degrees Photo: Sarah Stierch, via Flickr

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Advanced Degrees Ed eventually earned two Master’s degrees and a Specialist degree. His wife eventually received her advanced degrees as well. Ed estimates this led to an automatic 25% bump in their yearly salaries.

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Key #4 Geographic Arbitrage

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What is Geographic Arbitrage? A simple definition Saving money by living in areas with lower costs of living.

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Examples of Geographic Arbitrage Saudi Arabia We already covered how this: Allowed the couple to pay off student loans. Amass a net worth of over $100,000 before moving back to the United States. Rural Georgia After teaching in LaGrange for seven years, the couple moved to rural south Georgia for 3 years. Living expenses were extremely low. The couple added $250,000 to their nest egg via savings and investment!

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A Notable Side-Effect Because of constantly shifting jobs, they were allowed to roll over their 403(b)s. They had many more investment options. This also reduced fees significantly.

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Key #5 Living Frugally

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The Key to Savings As you might have guessed, Ed and his wife don’t need much to be happy. At one point, the couple earned $100K per year, and was able to save over 60% of that pre-tax salary! The couple splurges on travel—usually internationally. Last year, they took months off of work to visit Cancun for an extended period with their son.

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The simple, yet powerful message can’t be stressed enough: By living well below their means, Ed and his family enjoy complete freedom of time, and are generally immune to financial stress. There is absolutely no substitute for this!

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