Why Chesapeake Energy, Clean Energy Fuels, and Legacy Reserves All Surged This Week

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Why Chesapeake Energy, Clean Energy Fuels, and Legacy Reserves All Surged This Week

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Oil prices took investors on a wild ride this week. However, despite enduring the steepest one-day drop in months, three energy stocks actually surged more than double digits this week. Here’s a look at the news that moved these stocks. Photo credit: TaxCredits.net

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What: The stock of natural gas producer Chesapeake Energy (NYSE: CHK) surged more than 10% this week.

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So What: Key driver: After an abysmal first half where Chesapeake Energy was the worst-performing energy stock in the S&P 500, its stock surged 10% on Tuesday Tuesday’s surge wasn’t sparked by any news, but more of a relief rally as inventors finally came around to the improving story that analysts from both Wunderlich and Goldman Sachs pointed out the week before

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Now What: After a myriad of downgrades during the first half, several analysts have turned bullish on the company in July Fueling the bullishness is the recent sale of $840 million in assets in Oklahoma that will simplify its balance sheet Key takeaway: Analysts and investors finally think that the worst is over at Chesapeake

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What: Natural gas fuel purveyor Clean Energy Fuels’ (NASDAQ: CLNE) stock jumped 18% this week.

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So What: Key driver: Clean Energy Fuels said it completed 14 new fuel stations for refuse customers in the first six months of 2015 Twenty-two more stations for refuse customers are expected to be complete by the end of the year

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Now What: The company is on pace to build a record 36 stations for refuse customers, which is really driving its business right now Key takeaway: Signs are emerging that its key refuse refueling business isn’t only growing, but its growth is accelerating

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What: The unit price of oil and gas MLP Legacy Reserves (NASDAQ: LGCY) leapt nearly 29% this week.

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So What: Key driver: Legacy Reserves acquired $440 million in natural gas properties and related gathering and processing assets in East Texas The company also signed an agreement with a private equity company to fund the development of acreage in the Permian Basin

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Now What: The acquisition is expected to be immediately accretive and have long-term development upside should natural gas prices rise The funding deal will provide cash to develop its horizontal acreage in the Permian Key takeaway: With these deals, Legacy boosts its short-term cash flow and its long-term growth outlook

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