The Future Of Mobile

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The Future Of Mobile Beyond Payments: Becoming Your Own Bank

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Mobile Is Here To Stay

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Mary Meeker Then Vs. Now

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The Future

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The Unbanked & The Underbanked A Massive Opportunity

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Mobile Money The Future of Finance

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What is Mobile Money? Allows users to store, send, and receive money digitally on their phones. Offered primarily by Mobile Telecom operators. Have licenses to provide basic money transfer services. Developed as a direct result of inadequate payment infrastructures to meet the needs of lower income users.

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Consumer Remittances Both cross border and domestic need innovation. In European Union, only 42% used a financial institution for remittances. Only 9.3% used a traditional money transfer operator. Many still use informal channels: traditonal methods higher costs, slower process. Global Value of Remittances: $586 billion USD In 2017: $636 billion

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The Future of Finance Developed world economies need to find ways to ensure that the everyday day financial needs of their citizens are met. Starting to look at the developing world for solutions.

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E-Commerce Rising & Rising

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Why Is This Important? The Great Wealth Transfer East

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Reasons Against Mobile Money & Payments

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Recommendations Create a beautiful UI & UX experience. Include balance availability without login. Integrate other mobile tools like calendar. Customize user experience based on preferences. Location awareness. Alerts & notifications. Better login Allow for search.

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Mobile Is Eating The World And only growing. Empowering the entire world. Access to global capital markets and the increase of financial inclusion for all. The Power to be your own bank and financial advisor. Mobile is now your workspace.

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