These 3 Energy Stocks Rocketed 20% Higher This Week

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These 3 Energy Stocks Rocketed 20% Higher This Week

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This week was a pretty good one for energy stocks. Many enjoyed double-digit stock price gains as rising oil prices and better than expected earnings provided plenty of fuel for liftoff. Here’s a closer look at the three that jumped the most in the past week. Photo credit: TaxCredits.net

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What: Shares of the oil-field service company Pioneer Energy Services (NYSE: PES) surged more than 22% this week.

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So What: Key driver: Pioneer Energy Services reported first-quarter results on Thursday Revenue: $193.8 million (down 18.9% year-over-year) EPS: -$0.13 Revenue beat estimates by $7.7 million and earnings were in-line

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Now What: Pioneer Energy Services also repaid $45 million in debt to improve its balance sheet Company sees some indications that its markets are stabilizing as oil prices are improving Key takeaway: There are signs that the worst is over and that drilling activity could improve in the second half of 2015

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What: Shares of Clean Energy Fuels (NASDAQ:CLNE) jumped 27.3% this week.

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So What: Key driver: Higher oil prices Clean Energy Fuels’ stock spent the past month correcting after a deep drop when oil prices collapsed last year Because Clean Energy uses natural gas to replace diesel, it needs higher oil prices to overcome the high switching costs

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Now What: Clean Energy is largely moving higher due to momentum Investors feared its prospects were doomed when oil prices collapsed, but are now realizing that’s not the case Key takeaway: The market is correcting its over-correction

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What: Shares of the ceramic proppant maker CARBO Ceramics (NYSE: CRR) were propped up 38.8% this week.

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So What: Key driver: CARBO Ceramics reported first-quarter results on Thursday Revenue: $73.8 million (down 50.4% year-over-year) EPS: -$0.22 Revenue missed expectations, but earnings were much better than feared

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Now What: CARBO Ceramics was deeply impacted by a “significant and severe contraction” in drilling activity Company is managing its costs to improve profitability through downturn Key takeaway: While downturn is moderating, two big issues remain: Wells being drilled, but not completed Producers switching to lower cost proppants like sand

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