7 Oil Stocks with the Largest Reserves

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7 Oil Stocks with the Largest Reserves Photo credit: Flickr user Christopher Griner

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Over 75% of the world’s oil is owned by national oil companies. That leaves precious few barrels for what we know as big oil, which, combined, hold less than 5% of the world’s proved oil reserves. What follows are the seven largest oil companies ranked by proved oil and liquids reserves. Photo credit: Flickr user Maggie

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No. 7: Suncor Energy (NYSE: SU) 2014 Total Proved Reserves: 4.8 billion BOE Liquids reserves: 4.7 billion barrels Roughly flat from 2013

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No. 6: Total (NYSE: TOT) 2014 Total Proved Reserves: 11.5 billion BOE Liquids reserves: 5.3 billion barrels 112 million barrel decrease from 2013

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No. 5: ConocoPhillips (NYSE: COP) 2014 Total Proved Reserves: 8.9 billion BOE Liquids reserves: 5.5 billion barrels 34 million barrel decrease from 2013

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No. 4: Royal Dutch Shell (NYSE: RDS-A) 2014 Total Proved Reserves: 13.1 billion BOE Liquids reserves: 6.1 billion barrels 491 million barrel decrease from 2013

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No. 3: Chevron (NYSE: CVX) 2014 Total Proved Reserves: 11.1 billion BOE Liquids reserves: 6.2 billion barrels 96 million barrel decrease from 2013

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No. 2: BP (NYSE: BP) 2014 Total Proved Reserves: 17.5 billion BOE* Liquids reserves: 9.8 billion barrels* 200 million barrel decrease from 2013 (*Includes BP’s share of Rosneft’s reserves)

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No. 1: ExxonMobil (NYSE: XOM) 2014 Total Proved Reserves: 25.3 billion BOE Liquids reserves: 12.2 billion barrels 426 million barrel increase from 2013

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In the past year, these seven big oil giants have actually lost half a billion barrels of proved oil/liquids reserves as they produced more in 2014 than was discovered. Photo credit: Flickr user Glenn Beltz This could prove to be a problem down the road, as oil companies could struggle to meet future demand.

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