The Market’s Top 10 Stocks in 2014

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The Market’s Top 10 Stocks in 2014

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#10 - Skyworks Solutions: +156.4% What it does: Produces connectivity-related chips for tech devices. Why it soared: New iPhone product lines and other mobile devices boosted sales, as well as optimism about the Internet of Things.

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#9 - Chimerix: +166.4% What it does: Maker of anti-viral compounds to treat viral diseases. Why it soared: Accelerated trials for its brincidofovir treatment for bone-marrow transplant recipients could bring faster approval.

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#8 - Hawaiian Holdings: +170.5% What it does: Airline connecting passengers from Asia and the U.S. mainland to Hawaii, and inter-island travel within Hawaii. Why it soared: Strong competitive position in Hawaii, plus plunging fuel costs and strong economic conditions in 2014.

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#7 - Tetraphase Pharmaceuticals: +193.7% What it does: Maker of antibiotic treatments for intra-abdominal and other infections. Why it soared: Fast-track designation for lead drug candidate eravacycline could speed FDA approval.

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#6 - PTC Therapeutics: +205.1% What it does: Produces small-molecule drugs to treat genetic mutations. Why it soared: Positive opinion and trials for its lead compound translarna to treat a form of muscular dystrophy.

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#5 - Achillion Pharmaceuticals: +269.1% What it does: Makes therapies to treat hepatitis C and other bacterial infections. Why it soared: Favorable prospects for its ACH-3102 hepatitis C combination treatment spurred optimism.

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#4 - Receptos: +322.6% What it does: Develops therapies to treat immune disorders. Why it soared: Promising trial results on its RPC1063 multiple sclerosis drug could bring eventual approval.

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#3 - bluebird bio: +337.2% What it does: Maker of gene-based therapies to treat genetic disorders. Why it soared: Encouraging trial results for a key treatment of orphan-disease genetic disorders suggested huge potential success for the company.

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#2 - Agios Pharmaceuticals: +367.8% What it does: Makes metabolism-focused treatments to fight cancer and other diseases. Why it soared: Agios’ partner Celgene exercised its option to market potential cancer-fighter AG-221 following positive trial results.

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#1 - Avanir Pharmaceuticals: +404.5% What it does: Maker of treatments for central nervous system disorders, including Nuedexta treatment for pseudobulbar affect. Why it soared: Agreed to $3.5 billion purchase offer from Japan’s Otsuka Pharmaceuticals.

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