The Value of Collaboration for Finance

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CFO CFO research research CFO CFO research research The Value of Collaboration CFO CFO research research CFO research FINANCE AS THE BUSINESS PARTNER OF CHOICE It’s an exciting time to be a finance professional... …and it’s only getting better. 89% Expect finance's influence to increase 86% Expect their work to grow even more interesting, meaningful, and valuable 82% 75% say their jobs have exceeded their expectations Expect to take on new responsibilities Finance is taking on an increasing responsibility and control for a wide range of activities, serving as the central touchpoint for enterprise performance management. Finance’s mandate has expanded to include: M&A 37% TAX RISK 49% 47% HR 33% PROCUREMENT IT 40% 42% LEGAL 26% SUPPLY CHAIN 25% Fortunately, 71% say that automation is a way to become more involved with operating or business units— allowing them to meet their goals. The finance professional of the future is poised to take on an even greater role in all aspects of value creation for the business. Technologically self-sufficient “Finance is shifting to a business partner mentality.” “Finance is playing a more proactive role.” “Finance is the partner the business actually wants to work with.” 43% Collaborative 41% Forward looking 39% As organizations adopt leading-edge technology, finance has the opportunity to become a stronger influence on the business. The majority of respondents (72%) believe that automating more finance processes would raise the finance function's important within the organization. This innovative finance function is the partner the business needs for tomorrow. TO LEARN MORE, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

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