Kinds of shops

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Kinds of shops Department store Supermarket Shopping Mall Журбенко М.А. преподаватель английского языка ФГОУ «Оренбургское Президентское Кадетское Училище»

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Exotic Shopping in Paris

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paradise - рай plenty of – множество department store – универмаг as well as - так же, как… delightful –чудесный, прекрасный antique – античность/старина furniture -мебель collector - коллекционер rare – редкий, уникальный lining – стоящие вдоль…. the bank of the river – берег реки sell – продают perfume – духи to offer – предлагать a great variety of – большое разнообразие high quality – высокое качество woolen skirt – шерстяная юбка leather jacket – кожаный жакет trendiest boutiques – брендовыe бутики fashionable – модный shoes- обувь jewelery- драгоценности bank account – банковский счет a wide range of – широкий выбор designer fashion house – дом моды along – вдоль sale –распродажа to miss the chance –упустить шанс to suit -подходить, соответствовать pocket - карман taste - вкус WORDS TO REMEMBER

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Paris is the …………… paradise There are ……….. of department stores there. Antique lovers can find fantastic………. in the small……..shops. Galleries Lafayette is the largest………….. Store. It ………….. a great variety of high quality things. The Maris is a group of streets with the trendiest………… There is a wide range of …………. fashion houses on Rue de Rivoli for shoppers with big………… Shops in Paris are usually open from……… in the morning till 7.00 ….. The big ………are after Christmas and before the autumn……….. There is always that ……… everyone’s taste and pocket. Fill in the gaps

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Speak about shopping in Paris 1)Paris is a shopper’s paradise. Париж – рай для покупателя с множеством больших универмагов и чудесных маленьких магазинчиков. 2)Antique shops. Любители антиквариата и коллекционеры найдут фантастическую мебель и редкие вещи в антикварных и букинистических лавках, расположенных вдоль берега реки Сены. 3)Department stores (Galleries Lafayette). В универсамах продается все: от парфюмерии до мебели. Галлереи Лафает – самый большой торговый центр в Париже. Там вы найдете большое разнообразие высококачественных шерстяных юбок и кожаных курток. 4)The trendiest boutiques. В модных бутиках можно купить брендовую одежду, обувь и драгоценности. Для покупателей с крупными банковскими счетами есть много ювелирных магазинов, дизайнерских домов моды и салонов красоты. 5)Opening hours. Магазины в Париже обычно открыты с 8 утра до 7вечера с понедельника по субботу. 6)The big sales. Крупные распродажы бывают в Рождественские праздники и осенью. 7) The chance to go shopping in Paris. Не упустите шанс походить по магазинам в Париже. Вы всегда найдете что-то, подходящее вашему вкусу и кошельку.

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“ENTER A DIFFERENT WORLD” The Most Celebrated Store

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Harrods was opened in 1849 and run by Charles Henry Harrod. It was a small greengrocer’s then Harrod’s son added medicine, perfumes, sweets and van delivery service. Over years Harrods survived a fire, two world wars and even two bombings. In 1983 Harrods opened a branch in Asia and in major European cities. History of the Store

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Now Harrods has got 300 departments on its seven floors. It employs over 4000 staff and eight doormen. (Green Men) The store also has its own fire brigade, security personnel, doctors and nurses. It has food halls and restaurants. There is also a bank, a travel agent’s, a dry cleaner’s and the biggest beauty salon. Departments and Services

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January and July are sale times. A lot of customers visit the store these days. Many people sleep outside the shop to be first to come in the morning. The Sales

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Mohamed Al Fayed is a Chairman of Harrods nowadays. He devoted a memory corner in Egyptian hall in Harrods to Princess Diana and Dody Al Fayed. Memory

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Match the synonyms 1.Celebrated 2. Run 3. Add 4. Major 5. Employ 6. Staff 7. Customer 8. Motto 9.Fascinating 10.Trandy a) Personnel b) Famous c) Main words d) Fashionable e) Shopper f) Be a Chairman g) Give work h) Main i) Delightful j) + more

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1. When was Harrods opened? 2. What did they sell that time? 3. When did they open branches abroad? 4. How many floors does Harrods have? 5. Who are the Green Men? 6. What services does Harrod have now? 7. When are sale times? 8. Why do people sleep outside the shop on the sale times? 9. What is the motto of the shop? 10. Who is the Chairman of Harrods? Answer the questions

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1. was opened/1849 2. first/small greengrocer’s 3. added/medicines, perfume/ van delivery service 4. 1983/moved abroad 5. Now/7 floors/300 departments 6. services/personnel 7. January, July/sale times 8. people sleep outside/ to be the first 9. Mohamed Al Fayed/ Chairman 10. Harrods/quality, service and style Make true sentences about Harrods

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1. Location 2. History 3. Departments and service 4. The sales 5. Management and motto Speak about Harrods

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Which city are the speakers in? What shops can you find there? What can you buy in these shops? What are the opening hours? When do the sales take place? How does Lisa recommend the place to Alice? Listen to the dialogue, then answer the questions.