My 15 Best Cartoons I Have Watched So Far

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Cartoons, they have been around since the beginning of TV and the movies. While starting out as black and white and all hand drawn. Today, cartoons are filled with color and are mostly computer animated.

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I have been an avid cartoon fan since I was born in 1986. You often find me splurging on many cartoons every Saturday morning, and every other day! While the traditional Saturday morning cartoon block is now gone on broadcast TV. Today, I still enjoy watching many cartoons on TV and on the internet! Thanks to crowdsourcing, the internet, and better technology, you can find cartoons mostly everywhere!

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This list features my 15 top and best cartoon series I have watched since I was born in 1986, let’s go!

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1 Phineas And Ferb I like Phineas and Ferb because it’s smart! You see plenty of inventions and inators, action, music, great storylines, and some interesting characters!

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2 My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic MLP:FIM has great characters, great morals, plenty of great action and music, and appealing animation qualities! And yes, friendship is magic!

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3 Digimon: Digital Monsters While the Pokemon craze was happening, I enjoyed watching Digimon: Digital Monsters instead! I liked the characters, storylines, and plenty of action!

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4 The Simpsons The longest and one of the top cartoons on this list is The Simpsons. It’s on the list because you have interesting characters, and good storylines!

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5 Gravity Falls The newest cartoon on this list is Gravity Falls. Why you should watch? Because it has plenty of great mysteries, appealing characters, and good flow!

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6 Tiny Toon Adventures When I was younger, I loved coming home and watching Tiny Toon Adventures. Why, good short stories, comedy, and characters, that’s why!

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7 Rocko’s Modern Life Another great classic cartoon was Rocko’s Modern Life. Why I like it, the cartoon has very interesting characters, interesting stories, and overall weird qualities.

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8 Adventure Time Many people love Adventure Time, including me! Why I like it, because it reminds me of my weird and interesting childhood. And the show is great!

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9 The Powerpuff Girls Yep, many people including me and many adults loved watching The Powerpuff Girls. It has great action, characters, and overall great storylines!

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10 Bob’s Burgers Bob’s Burgers is just interesting and weird, and that is why I like this cartoon! It has very interesting characters, weird storylines, and good comedy.

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11 Aqua Teen Hunger Force Why Aqua Teen Hunger Force, because this cartoon, and other Williams Street cartoons are great to watch! They are very funny, and are generally weird to watch.

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12 Looney Tunes The classic Looney Tunes and their characters are some of the best in cartoon history. Who did not grow up and watch the funny Looney Tunes while they were kids?

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13 Futurama Yep, I loved watching Futurama, even though FOX treated this show so poorly. It has great and interesting characters, weird storylines, and a good flow.

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14 Animaniacs Animaniacs, it was that show with plenty of weird and interesting characters. And the short episodes and storylines made this show interesting to watch.

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15 Beavis and Butthead Beavis and Butthead, it featured two very weird main characters, awesome music videos, and weird storylines and disbelief. Being weird can also be awesome!

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In Closing I will always be a cartoon fan for life! Don’t be surprised if I spend an entire day watching non-stop cartoons, because I like them!

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