Why Dragon Con Is America's Best Convention

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Each Labor Day weekend, Downtown Atlanta transforms into…

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Every year, thousands and thousands of people fans pack into downtown Atlanta to see their favorite stars or talk about their favorite topics/shows.

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And who cares about the hot, humid weather you often see in the Southeastern USA from Mid-May to Mid-September

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You will see diehard fans wear their favorite costumes and cosplay (costume play), in the Summer heat, they’re committed!

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Dragon Con started in 1987 and only had around 2,400 people attending. Here are flyers from the 1989 Dragon Con.

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In 2013, Dragon Con saw over 57,000 people attending!

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Other major events in Atlanta on Labor Day Weekend includes the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game in the Georgia Dome, NASCAR racing at Atlanta Motor Speedway, Atlanta Braves home games, Decatur Book Festival, Atlanta Black Pride, and more!

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With all of the major events, imagine the traffic in Atlanta!

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So you are asking, why is Dragon Con different from the other conventions you see across America and the world each year?

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1 Dragon Con is a true fan convention. While other conventions like SDCC have become corporatized, Dragon Con stays true to it’s fans!

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2 The Dragon Con parade is a must see, and the largest in Atlanta! And the best part, you can see the parade for free!

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3 Dragon Con is hosted in several major downtown hotels. This spreads out the crowd, and provides much needed rooms for the attendees!

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4 Dragon Con focuses on all types of fans outside of the major stuff. If you like robots, puppets, podcasting, alternate history, literature, and more, you will find panels just for you!

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5 And of course, Dragon Con always brings out the big stars and panels. Panels from The Walking Dead (shot in Georgia) are popular!

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6 If staying in a host hotel, you can enjoy Dragon Con TV, where they show the major panels, so you don’t have to brave the long lines!

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7 At Dragon Con, people admire others wearing costumes and cosplaying, no matter how elaborate the costume is!

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8 Dragon Con is also known for its night life. Panels happen almost 24/7, and parties in the host hotels will last all night long!

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9 Dragon Con cares about the community. From volunteering to raising money for charity, the people want to make the world a better place!

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10 From panels, art shows, costuming, contests, fan tracks, workshops, gaming, meeting celebrities, and more! People always enjoys their time at Dragon Con!

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10 And for the 2014 run, Dragon Con has released a new logo!

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In Closing Dragon Con is one of the coolest and best fan conventions in the country! Come to Atlanta on Labor Day weekend and see for yourself!

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