CELEBRITY Arrest Photos

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CELEBRITY Arrest Photos

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  Al Capone Arrested for tax evasion. 1931

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  Frank Sinatra Arrested for seducing a married woman. Yup it’s true. 1938

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  Paul Newman Arrested for fighting. 1946

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  Al Pacino Arrested for carrying a concealed weapon. 1961

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  Johnny Cash Arrested for drugs. 1965

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  Suzanne Somers Arrested for passing bad checks when she was still unknown. 1970

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  Jane Fonda Arrested for assault and battery for kicking a cop. 1970

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  Mick Jagger Arrested for drugs. 1972

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  George Carlin Arrested for performing the “seven words you can never say on television”. 1972

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  Steve McQueen Arrested for DUI. 1972

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  David Bowie Arrested for possessing marijuana. 1976

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  Bill Gates Arrested for reckless driving. 1977

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  Anna Nicole Smith Arrested for DUI. 1989

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  Zsa Zsa Gabor Arrested for slapping a cop. 1989

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  Dudley Moore Arrested for beating his girlfriend. 2004

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Scotty Pippen was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving. 1999

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  Macaulay Culkin  was arrested and charged with drug possession after being pulled over while aimlessly driving around somewhere in Oklahoma. 2004

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   Matthew McConaughey was booked on drug-possession charges after police found him dancing naked while playing the bongo drums at his home in 2004.

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  Lindsay Lohan  was arrested and charged with drug possession. 2007

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  Mel Gibson was arrested for DUI. 2007

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  Nick Nolte was arrested for DUI and drugs.  1992

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  James Brown was arrested for domestic violence. 2004

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  Paul Reubens “PeeWee Herman” arrested for indecent exposure. 1991

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  Paul Reubens Arrested for possessing 30,000 images of child porn. 2004

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  Glen Campbell Arrested for DUI. 2003

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  Robert Downey Jr. Arrested for drug related charges. 2000

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  Rip Torn Arrested for DUI. 2006

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  O.J. Simpson Accused of slaying Ron Goldman and Nicole Simpson. 1994

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  O.J. Simpson Arrested for armed robbery at a Las Vegas hotel. 2007

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  Charlie Sheen Arrested for domestic violence. 2009

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  Heather Locklear Arrested for DUI. 2008

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  Stephen Baldwin Arrested for failing to file New York income taxes for three years. 2012

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  Daryl Hannah Arrested for protesting an oil pipeline and resisting arrest. 2012

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  Randy Travis Arrested for DUI. 2012

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  Joyce DeWitt Of “Three’s Company” fame arrested for DUI. 2012

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  Charles Barkley Arrested for DUI. 2011

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  Mickey Rourke Arrested for DUI. 2007

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  Mike Tyson Arrested for DUI. 2006

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  Hugh Grant Arrested for lewd conduct involving a prostitute. 1995

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  Wesley Snipes Arrested for tax evasion. 2006

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