Elements of Scary Stories

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Elements of Scary Stories

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Scary stories are greatly welcomed to horror and thriller story-lovers and possibly it is one of the best medium for the readers who demand fear, mystery, suspense and surprises in a compact story. This type of stories usually contain elements like ghost, paranormal events or activities, nightmares or dark dreams, death, witchcraft, demon and supernatural forces and some time a scary story may simply contain dreadful activities of a psychopath.

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These stories are based on both facts and fiction. True events or imagination both can be used as a good source of forming a quality story. This kind of stories is distorted and disturbing by nature. For this reason, people with weak heart-condition or timid in nature are recommended not to go for reading it.

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The things that make scary stories truly scary are the stuffs that may cause suffering, anguish, pain, death or remind the readers of those subjects because people only get scared to those things on which they do not have any power to control. The ultimate destination is to generate the fear among readers and according to psychological theories most of the common people share similar objects of fear, like extreme mental torment or painful death by unnatural cause.

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It can be observed that whatever the concept, plotline or the story is, the theme or outcome more or less remains the same in those stories, but what makes a story unique or gives it a new dimension is the way how writer brings the suspense in the story and how the surprising elements are being put.

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Suspense can be generated out of the other elements of the scary stories that would form the plot and develop the story line. The one vital element is darkness. It is the darkness that has generated the sense of evil being and fear from the primitive time. In broad day light everything might seem okay, but when the darkness arises no one knows what is lurking behind the shadows. Another element is the senses of human being.

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Things that are happening around you can be perceived by your senses and when something unnatural happen, your senses would make you aware of that. It is all about playing with reader’s nerves and sense. The more reader would feel mentally pressurized, the more scary the story would be. Using the sense of human being, mentioning an existence that only can be perceived by the sixth sense could bring out another level of suspension.

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Supernatural forces are one of the mostly used elements of scary stories. Satan, demon, legion or dark magic- these things automatically generate fear in readers’ mind. The forces that are not in the control of human being always catch on people’s nervous system. The ultimate element is death. More preferably you can say death by an unnatural cause. Meeting the final destination, the ultimate fall of human makes a story scarier than ever if presented in a right way.

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These are not the genre of stories that are read by all kind of people but still the horror story lovers are great in number. People like to get scared, and they like to remember pain, suffering and the ultimate death they are going to face.

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That is why if the elements are put in a dynamic way by bringing a great suspense, a scary story can be a master-piece too.

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