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ID the person?

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India’s National Doctors’ Day is observed in honour of  famous Indian physician Dr.Bidhan Chandra Roy

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Australia's Senate on 17 July 2014 voted to repeal the XY. The Australian Senate voted by 39 to 32 votes to repeal the Y. With this Australia became the first country in the world to abolish XY. The repealing of the XY will now be replaced with Direct Action Plan, if Senate passes it. Direct Action Plan is a 2.55 billion Australian dollars taxpayer-funded plan under which industries will be paid to reduce emissions and use cleaner energy. The XY was passed in July 2012 by the previous Labor government headed by Julia Gillard. The tax was levied on the 348 biggest polluters. The tax saw 348 of Australia's biggest companies pay 23 Australian dollars (22.60 US dollars) for each tonne of X they emitted.

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Carbon Tax

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‘Jab Dard Kicks In, Dard ko Karo Kick ” is the tag line for which brand. Heavily promoted in the Salman film Kick ?

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Ans. Nise gel from Dr Reddy’s Labs

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Identify the connect & only one name…….full point

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 The four deputy governor of the Reserve Bank of India(RBI) 4th –Mr.S.S MUNDRA

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 Under what private lable is Flipkart launching a Tablet to compete with the likes of Kindle ?

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Ans. Digiflip

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McKinsey has an inhouse network called GLAM. What does it stand for ?

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Ans. Gays and Lesbians at McKinsey

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X won the 101st edition of Tour de France, becoming the first Y in 16 years to win the championship. Nibali’s triumph comes after 2013 champion Chris Froome and two-time winner Alberto Contador crashed out with injuries in the first half of the Tour. Nibali is only the sixth rider to win all three Grand Tours – France,Y and Spain. The last Y to win the Tour de France was Marco Pantani in 1998. The 2014 Tour de France began in Yorkshire, England, and guided riders over 3,664 kilometers (2,277 miles) including cobblestones, wind-swept flats and climbs in the Vosges, Alps and Pyrenees. Id X &Y.

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X= Vincenzo Nibali Y= italy

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Name the bank that purchased the HSBC bank's Swiss private banking assets ? A) Six SIS AG B) LGT Bank  C)Zurich Cantonal Bank

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Ans: LGT BANK (Liechtenstein Global Trust)

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#book On Jul 5, 2014 a book was realesed called “The Substance &The shadow” based on whose biography ?

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X is interactive software that has various entertaining and educational games and can create standardized test that can help SAI to recognise talented children and will also develop an athlete’s mental and physical attributes.  • X is an attractive medium that can entice children of all age-groups and economic backgrounds  • X will also act as a video coaching platform that will be an aid in the Technical and Tactical development of a Footballer through various educational and game/practice apps Under-17 FIFA World Cup 2017 will be hosted by India and thus All India Football Federation is taking steps to scout talent with SAI’s assistance

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 F-Cube technology

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Name the site of Gujarat that was inscribed into World Heritage list of UNESCO on 23 June 2014?

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Rani-ki-Vav (the Queen's Stepwell) at Patan, Gujarat ...

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Id the logo .?

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Air Algerie flight that crashed in Mali killing all 116 people on board broke up on impact after losing air speed and banking sharply, investigators said on Thursday (Aug 7).

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Aamir, Amitabh and Shahrukh are seen wearing the jersey of Jaipur Pink Panthers in the Pro Kabaddi League. Who is the jersey supplier ?

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TK sports

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Union Government on 26 June 2014 delicensed the manufacturing of which items from the compulsory licensing list?

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Name the winner of the women’s single final of 2014 Wimbledon?

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Petra Kvitova (Czech pronunciation: [?p?tra ?kv?tova?]; born 8 March 1990) is a Czech professional tennis player. Known for her powerful left-handed shots and variety, she has won twelve career singles titles. She reached her career-high ranking of world no. 2 in October 2011, and is ranked no. 4 as of 4 August 2014.