What Back To The Future Got Right In The Future

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The Back to the Future trilogy taught us about what the past and what the future was like!

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Marty McFly and Emmett Brown flew in a time machine DeLorean and traveled in time!

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So, in Back in the Future Part II, the duo went to the future on October 21, 2015.

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What did the movie makers get right, and what did they get wrong? This is the focus in this presentation!

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Sleep inducing generator. No where near close, many could use something like this today!

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When they land in the future, the rain was timed to stop. As if weather was fully predictable, we are nowhere close to that!

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The next thing, peelable faces! Sorry Doc, we have a long way to go before that!

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The first thing the movie makers got right, portable picture/video viewers! We call those smartphones today!

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The next thing was those Nike self-lacing shoes. We might not have them now, but Nike says they are working on them!

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And sorry, the justice system does not work fast, and we still have lawyers!

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And then we see Marty go into the downtown Hill Valley area, and you see quite a few interesting things! For example, Texaco services flying cars, don’t have that!

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And the Holomax Jaws 19 shark, Jaws ended a long time ago!

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Hologram TV’s, don’t have those either!

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The Antique shop, we still use things like this today!

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TV waiters where they use celebrities. For one, you could not do this in today’s world without a lawsuit. And two, we don’t have them!

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And there’s Pepsi Perfect, we don’t have that. And yes, Pepsi is making souvenir Pepsi Perfect bottles!

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Self-raising bats, don’t have them!

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Hoverboards, they were real in the movie, but they are not real in today’s world! One thing the movie got wrong, was the acceptance today of boys playing girls toys, and girls playing boys toys.

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Self drying and self-fitting clothes, don’t have those!

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Cubs winning the World Series, they had a chance but failed, upsetting many BTTF fans!

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Handheld computers, they got that one right!

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Suspended animation kennels for pets, no where close to that! Many pet owners would have a fit!

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Hey drones, we have those now!

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Variable message signs, we have those as well!

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Thumbprint readers to get inside, you could say we have those now!

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Self-changing hat name changers, nope!

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Scene Screen, not invented in our world!

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An upside down wheelchair. I mean, you can’t be comfortable in that!

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Display glasses, we have those now!

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Payable cash registers, you could say we have those now, but you don’t use a thumbprint to pay.

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Voice activated TV’s, don’t have those yet!

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Robot dog walkers, not even close!

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Dehydrated Pizza Hut pizza and a food hydrator, no and no!

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TV video glasses, the closest thing is Google Glass.

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Indoor gardens, yes! Above the kitchen table, no!

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Master Cook, nope!

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Phone glasses, eww! Thankfully we have a handheld smartphone instead!

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Video chat. Yes, we have that today! Telling everyone about your life in public, we have that too!

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Smart briefcase with a card reader, nope!

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Fax machine printers. We kind of have those, but the machines are a lot bigger!

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And let’s not forget about the trash fusion compactor, not invented yet!

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Don’t trust movie makers about what the future will be like, as you can see, most things were made up! In Closing

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