The Importance Of Sound In Horror Films

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The Importance Of Sound In Horror Films

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Why The Music Used In Horror Film Scare Us? The reason why the music used in a horror film scare us, is because the sound information travels faster then the information we receive from sight, which means that sounds are scarier than the images. The sound that it’s been used are nonlinear sounds, in which can also include frequencies, noise and nonstandard harmonies. Some of these sounds have been made by Theremin and Trautonium. The reason why the tone gets increasingly lower or higher, it’s because the sound it’s separated by octaves and that's why it gives that illusion. Here are some examples: CLICK ON THE TO WATCH THE VIDEO.

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What Makes Music Sound Scary? Our brains recognise that the music is supposed to be scary, as it lies in our animal instinct. For example, Blumstein ( UCLA evolutionary biologist)who study human sound perception in a community of yellow-bellied marmots in Colorado. He found out that screams like those of the baby marmot, are created when animals rapidly blow air past their vocal cords, which it realises a scratchy noise, called nonlinear sound. Nonlinear sounds, seems to evoke emotional response in humans, this is by young animals grabbing their attention of their parents.

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Why music makes horror film scarier? It isn't the movie that makes the film scary, it’s the sound. For example anything that mimics a predator can make the viewer panic. If you try to watch a horror film without the sound on, it’s impossible to understand it as the dialogue its missing but also it becomes less of a horror film. For example in ‘The shinning’ if you turn the volume off you can see that it looks like a comedy film. When Johnny goes upstairs there’s a really high pitch of violins, that accompanies it and that builds tension as it makes the viewer think that the predator its closer and closer to the victim. when he’s by the door the violins stop playing but then when he knocks on the door, the violins gets even louder with a low pitch, which makes the viewer more terrified and nervous of what is going to happen next. But when Johnny breaks the door and the violin starts to trill , it builds up the tension even more, as he’s got it easier to get in and get the victim. Movie clip of ‘The shinning’