Американский Красный Крест

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Американский Красный Крест Чрезвычайные ситуацие и Бедствия в нашем районе

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Thank you Кэрэл Данн Манаджер Програм Местной Обучнение про чрезвычайные ситуацие Американский Красный Крест общественная благотворительная организация, которая является участником международного Движения Красного Креста и Красного Полумесяца. Международное Движение КК и КП объединяет свыше 500 миллионов человек в 181 стране мира. Всю свою деятельность Американский Красный Крест направляет на оказание помощи до во время и после чрезвычайных ситуациях. 

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Need Emergency Help? Call 9-1-1 Руские переводчики есть, скажите “Fire” “Ambulance” или “Police” и “Russian” и ждите Переводчик : Your address Your name What happened If you call and hang up, they will work to contact you. 9-1-1

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Common disasters for our area Fires Severe Storms Floods Earthquakes

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Fire Every 42 Hours we respond to a fire Make sure your home is safe from fire hazards Avoid candles Clear stove area Careful with heaters

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Fires happen every day Smoke Detectors Save Lives Often Free Smoke Detectors at Fire Stations Check Battery Every 6 Months Two Ways out of Every Room Multiple Stairs? Can the Windows Open? Get Out First, Then Call 911 If Smoke: Crawl

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If you have a fire The American Red Cross will help If Fire Department doesn’t call, contact us Help in finding new housing Help in replacing immediate food and clothing needs Help in replacing prescriptions, glasses, etc. lost in fire.

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Severe Storms

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Severe Storms Protect yourself Avoid Travel Back up food, energy Dress in layers If your home loses heat, do your best to stay warm --Do not heat your house with your oven!

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Power Outages = Better: = Better: No Power, Extremely Cold is dangerous:

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Earthquakes 30 Seconds Protect yourself from falling and having things fall on you!

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Earthquakes Conduct a Hazard Hunt Put heavy items closer to the ground or secure them.

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Earthquake? Stay Inside! Do not evacuate! Drop, Cover, and Hold. Lock! Cover! Hold On!

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Where Can You Get Help? Radio Stations 710 AM or 1000 AM to find out where the shelters and heating stations are. Broadcasts in English. Depend on each other!

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Where Can You Get Help? Shelters Available when large numbers can’t be in homes Provide food and a safe place to sleep Do not have to show ID

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Make a kit and a plan You are your own best resource Prepare yourself and your family

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Make a kit: gather emergency supplies! Water – 1 Gallon of Water (~4 liters) per person per day. 2-liter soda bottles work well.

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Gather Emergency Supplies! Food High calorie, high energy Ready to eat Canned food, granola, energy bars, meal replacement drinks (Ensures, etc) Don’t forget the can opener

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Gather Emergency Supplies! First Aid Kit Prescription medicines.

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Gather Emergency Supplies! Important documents, phone numbers, flashlight, sturdy shoes, gloves, language dictionary. Tea, coffee, book, paper, pen Entertainment/comfort items.

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Get Trained First Aid and CPR—request an interpreter! Map Your Neighborhood Work out who has what skills and equipment, who are your neighbors

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Other Resources FEMA State of WA The American Red Cross

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Language Bank Over 75 languages and dialects. Make a Doctor’s appointment, or where to go during a disaster. Interpretation or translation 206.323.2345 – say your language

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Thank You For more information contact: The American Red Cross Community Disaster Education Department info@seattleredcross.org 206.323.2345