The 10 Biggest summer blockbusters of all time

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The 10 Biggest summer blockbusters of all time Classic summer movies that brought in the dough.

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A note on methodology Movies were considered that had opening weekends between Labor Day and Memorial Day All figures represent domestic ticket sales only, and are given in inflation-adjust (2015) dollars. These figures include ticket sales if a movie was re-released at some later time.

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Sales: $653 million Year Released: 1994 Company: Paramount This book-turned-movie did far better than expected, as it took viewers through tumultuous times via the unique lens of the title character. 10) Forrest gump Photo: Toby Jamohan, via Flickr

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9) Raiders of the lost ark Sales: $682 million Year released: 1981 Company: Lucasfilm The first installment of the Indiana Jones series was the only one with a summer release. Photo: Micky Aldridge, via Flickr

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Sales: $733 million Year Released: 1999 Company: Lucasfilm This was the first Star Wars film in nearly 15 years. Though it was met with mixed reviews, fans turned out in droves. 8) Star Wars: Episode I Photo:Beekeeper, via Flickr

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7) Jurassic park Sales: $733 million Year released: 1993 Company: Amblin Entertainment While a newer version is in theatres now, the original Jurassic Park stunned viewers with its special effects. Photo: Jeremy Thompson

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Sales: $734 million Year Released: 1994 Company: Walt Disney The movie became an instant hit during the Golden-Age for Disney’s cartoon movie unit. 6) The Lion King Photo: Post Memes, via Flickr

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5) Star wars: Episode VI Sales: $755 million Year released: 1983 Company: Lucasfilm This was the last in the first set of Star Wars films, where we see Darth Vader sacrifice himself for Luke at the movie’s end.

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Sales: $784 million Year Released: 1980. Company: Lucasfilm The second installment in the first Star Wars trilogy, fans had to wait three years for The Empire Strikes Back to come to theatres. 4) Star wars: Episode V Photo: Brett Jordan, via Flickr

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3) E.T.: The extra-terrestial Sales: $1.10 billion Year released: 1982 Company: Amblin Entertainment The story of an alien left behind and a 10-year old boy named Elliot became an instant classic.

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Sales: $1.15 billion Year Released: 1975 Company: Universal The earliest release on this list, the success of Jaws convinced studio executives that summer thrillers could be huge hits. 2) JAWS Photo: 7th Street Theatre, via Flickr

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1) Star wars: Episode IV Sales: $1.32 billion Year released: 1977 Company: Lucasfilm When the first-ever Star Wars came out, it broke every record in the book. Audiences couldn’t (and still can’t) get enough of the movie.

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