15 Life Lessons From My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic

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My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is a very popular cartoon on TV today. Many people of all ages are fans!

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The series follows the Mane 6 as they learn about the lessons of friendship. Plus other morals and lessons!

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Many people have praised the series for it’s good storylines, animation, and things you learn.

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And many in the geek/nerd fandoms watch this show! Adult fans are called bronies or pegasisters.

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But, what if I told you there are life lessons you can learn from the characters on My Little Pony?

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This presentation talks about 15 life lessons you can learn from a show about colorful ponies and equines!

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Princess Twilight Sparkle Twilight Sparkle is a princess and a very smart pony! Not only she is smart with books, she had to learn to be friends around other ponies. 1 Learn Some People Smart

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Rainbow Dash Rainbow Dash is very active and loyal! Have an open mind and tell others what should be the right thing to do. And be active as well! 2 Be Loyal And Active

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Rarity Rarity loves to be generous with other ponies! And you should do the same thing! Be generous and help others who needs some help. 3 Be Generous

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Pinkie Pie Going around and being negative is never good! Be like Pinkie Pie, and always have a smile on your face, and be happy and positive! 4 Be Happy

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Applejack Applejack is an reliable pony, who is strong and will get the job done. Be strong and don’t do the job halfway, complete the job 100%! 5 Be Reliable

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Fluttershy Have Courage Sometimes, you need to have the courage to do new things, like singing in a group. Have the courage to try something new! 6

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Scootaloo / Sweetie Belle / Apple Bloom The Cutie Mark Crusaders will never give up until they find their unique talents and get their cutie marks! Find your unique talents! 7 Find Your Talents

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Shining Armor Be A Good Spouse Marrying a princess was a big deal for Shining Armor! And having a partnership with someone else means you have to be good and nice! 8

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Princess Cadance Princess Cadance was a very good foalsitter to Twilight Sparkle. Being a good role model to other people will make you a better person! 9 Be A Good Role Model

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Princess Celestia Be A Good Leader Princess Celestia has been ruling Equestria for thousands of years. It means she has been a very good leader, and good leaders are needed. 10

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Princess Luna Princess Luna was banished to the moon because she was jealous! Don’t be jealous of others, you will be angry and lose friends. 11 Don’t Be Jealous

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Baby dragons needs their sleep. And for us humans, to perform our best, you need a good night’s rest of 7-8 hours of sleep each night. 12 Get Some Sleep Spike The Dragon

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Derpy Derpy is a fan favorite, because this pony is different from the other ponies. Focus on what you can do best! And eat more muffins! 13 Focus On Your Abilities

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Sunset Shimmer It took a long time for Sunset Shimmer to learn about friendship. The same thing applies to you, you always learn about new things in life! 14 You Never Stop Learning

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Button Mash Do like Wil Wheaton says! Playing games of any kind makes you a better person. And you can make lots of friends too! 15 Play More Games

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There are plenty of great morals and lessons you can learn from a show about colorful equines, give it a try! In Closing

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