Biggest Movies on Social Media MARCH-APRIL 2015

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Biggest Movies on Social Media MARCH-APRIL 2015

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Summary Twitter Analytics @Furious7 has the highest number of twitter mentions in the past 30 days Movies watched by children and young adults(Inside Out, Cinderella, Paper Towns ) have a higher engagement rate as well as post/day on twitter Though Furious 7 has the highest number of mentions, it has the lowest positive sentiment @ 8.4 Facebook Analytics Furious 7 has the most likes and is the most talked about movie on Facebook YouTube Analytics Trailers for Avengers: Age of Ultron have the maximum views on YouTube with approximately 141 million views. Fifty Shades of Grey and Star Wars: The Force Awakens come at a close second and third with a 78.7m and 76m views respectively.

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Comparison of Twitter Followers % share of twitter followers Avengers @39% Furious 7 @26% Fifty Shades@ 17%

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Tweets per Day and % of Engagement Engagement: @Replies+retweets+mentions Mad Max Fury road has the highest engagement rate

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Twitter Mentions in thousands 1. 3. 2. Furious 7 has the highest number of twitter mentions Fantastic Four (.7 thousand)and Tomorrowland (2.5 thousand) have the lowest twitter mentions

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Sentiment Score Pitch Perfect 2 Cinderella Kingsman Furious 7 Mad Max Fifty Shades +VE -VE Sentiment score represents the amount of positive sentiment that the movie generates Sentiment score below 50 Sentiment score above 50

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Observations A Higher number of mentions does not mean that the sentiment is positive Furious 7 has the highest number of mentions (378 thousand) but the lowest positive sentiment (8.4) Movies such as Hunger Games and Spectre do not have official twitter handles. However, they are trending with their respective hashtags - #HungerGames, #Spectre Similarly, movies such as Tomorrowland and Star Wars are being promoted on twitter by their production studios. Hence, the official twitter handle is being accompanied by the movie hashtag. E.g. #Tomorrowland, @Disney Marvel and Cinderella have a high number of mentions and a proportionately high positive sentiment Mad Max: Fury Road has low number of mentions (30.3 thousands) and a low positive sentiment at 13.

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Number of Facebook Likes vs. Buzz The size of the bubble represents the engagement % (No. of likes/No. of people talking about it) Paper Towns Has lesser likes(0.6m) but a lot of people talking about the movie(1.1m). Hence, it has a high engagement % of 179.4% *Furious 7 is high on both likes and buzz probably due to its imminent release.

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After removing the movies Paper Towns and Furious, we observe the distribution of the remaining movies: Mission Impossible V Cinderella Fifty Shades of Grey Mockingjay part 2 The Avengers Entourage Pitch Perfect 2 Terminator Genisys Highest Engagement % : MIV (28.27%) Facebook Likes: Mockingjay (21m) Buzz: MIV (852K) Number of Facebook Likes vs. Buzz

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Engagement rate is the percentage of people who saw a post that liked, shared, clicked or commented on it. Though Paper Towns has no significant post/day rate, it has the highest engagement rate We can see that movies for children and young adults have a higher engagement rate E.g. Inside Out, Tomorrowland, Paper Towns (It is based on a popular book of the same name) Posts per Day and % of Engagement

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YouTube: Trailer Views Trailers include all official trailers including teasers Trailer views have been picked from the channels MOVIECLIPS Trailers + movies official channel Avengers: Age of Ultron has the highest share of trailer views: approximately 141m. Marvel has released 3 trailers for Avengers plus a teaser trailer. Star Wars has just released one teaser trailer for The Force Awakens. Fifty Shades of Grey has two trailers and two teaser trailers. *Views in Millions

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Total Shares of Trailer *Shares on other social media platforms: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ **The shares of the most viewed trailer of a particular movie has been taken Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer has been shared the maximum number of times on various social media platforms followed by Fifty shades of Grey. They also have a similar share in the number of trailer views on YouTube. F

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POPULAR SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGNS Where: YouTube When: 2014 What: A campaign to raise funds and awareness for UNICEF's Innovation Labs and its innovative projects Total number of shares: 68,868 Total Views: 3, 285, 885 Star Wars: Force for Change - A Message from J.J. Abrams

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POPULAR SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGNS When: March 2015 What: Robert Downey Jr. is Inviting You to the World Premiere of Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron-Campaign for social cause Total Views: 218K Where: Twitter What: First poster of Magic Mike XXL was shared by movie star Channing Tatum on Twitter It received 10k retweets. Magic Mike XXL Avengers: Age of Ultron Where: Instgram What: Beyonce(28.9 million followers)unveiled the trailer for fifty shades of grey on July 2014 It received 495k likes and 87.8k comments Fifty Shades of Grey

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POPULAR SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGNS Producers-20th Century fox partnered with Google to create the site -'Become a Kingsman'. Using platforms such as Google Chrome, Google Street View/Maps and YouTube. The site introduced gamers to the movie trailer through a series of gamified challenges Total shares: 4585 Picture Source: http://www.thefwa.com/site/become-a-kingsman KINGSMAN: The Secret Service

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POPULAR SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGNS CINDERELLA Tumblr Created a short storybook on Tumblr which allowed young fans to contribute Cinderella related content that would be featured on the site. Had a shoe cam at the Cinderella premiere which had 3,677,756 Views, 127,413 likes and 18,801 shares on Facebook. Used social media influencers such as Katie Rogers (Tumblr), Brent Rivera (YouTube, vine) and Jorge(YouTube) to promote the movie Source: http://variety.com/2015/digital/box-office/digital-tracking-cinderella-set-to-become-the-belle-of-the-box-office-ball-1201452230/

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Sources: Data and Picture sources: Official Facebook and Twitter profiles of movies Movie website and official YouTube channel www.youtube.com

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