13 FACTS ABOUT a Short Film from director Tom Stone Go to Next Slide to Watch the Short Film.

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13 FACTS ABOUT a Short Film from director Tom Stone Go to Next Slide to Watch the Short Film.

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WHAT TEARS REMAIN is the result of a University TV Production assignment. The brief was to make a 1 minute film (+ or – 5secs) The film had to focus on one of three words: HOME, DILEMMA or CONTRAST. I chose DILEMMA.

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Production of the film took 5 hours in total: 4 hours to shoot and a further hour to record Jessica’s voiceover.

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Originally filmed at 25 frames per second, the frame rate was reduced to 18 FPS in post-production. This produced a more choppy motion which helped to emphasise the gritty nature of the scene.

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The continuous follow shot, when Jessica walks to the post-box, was carefully choreographed to include a dip to the floor. This camera movement is not the natural way to shoot the shot, but was used to create a rotating motion on the tarmac, in an attempt to emphasise how Jessica’s world is metaphorically spinning.

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In order make Harry (real name Rory) cry on set, his father would pull his dummy from his mouth. Although the collective guilt of filming a crying baby was difficult to bear, the results were wonderful and I hope Rory will understand when he’s old enough to watch the film.

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It took 15 takes to get the continuous follow shot, so in order to make best use of the envelopes Jessica posted, we addressed each one to a different Bournemouth University student flat with a copy of the script and a unique code inserted inside. These letters were used as a marketing tool, with instructions on how to follow the Facebook & Twitter pages and film credits offered to those who responded with their code. The response to this was somewhat underwhelming, with a total of ZERO respondents.

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In the original edit (and all through planning), the film was backed by an excerpt from a beautiful song called ‘Cold’ by Jorge Mendez. Jorge kindly provided permission for me to use his piece and although I took it out in the final edit, I would like to thank him, both for inspiration toward the mood of the film and for permission to use his work. Here is a link to the original song on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCD0pu29-N0 and on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/silhouettes/id681363075 as well as the link to the original film edit: http://youtu.be/1CEefPZKcXc

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The opening and closing wide shots are intentionally off-level. The idea was that in posting the letter, Jessica has had to walk from right to left on-screen, as well as seemingly uphill. This creates both a negative movement (progressing backwards, to English-reading viewers) and an arduous movement (uphill).

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The rear-view mirror shot was initially designed to have the post-box in the background, positioned between Harry and Jessica. However, in practice this was difficult to achieve within the tight shooting schedule, mainly due to the height differences of the 3 subjects.

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To find a suitable location, I spent a day cycling to over 50 different post-boxes in and around my hometown of Bournemouth. The location needed to be spacious enough to park a car; quiet enough that vehicle and pedestrian traffic wouldn’t cause an issue, as well as having the right aesthetic look. Believe it or not, this was a difficult task. At one point, I considered building a prop post-box, but with minimal budget and timescale, to achieve a realistic look was unfeasible.

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When Jessica pulls the letter to Carl from her pocket the address that reads on the front is that of a mental health hospital in Poole, Bournemouth’s neighbouring town. This adds further complexity to the subtext of the story: Is Carl mentally ill? Does Jessica know this? And will the letter actually reach him?

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The title, ‘What Tears Remain’, was taken from the last line of the script, which reads: “As the realisation of her actions takes hold; throat dry and uncomfortable, Jessica swallows what tears remain.”

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The child actor, Rory King, is the son of a good friend of mine: Tom King. The day before shooting, Tom asked me to be best man at his wedding. Tom will be marrying Roxanne later this year and I am delighted to be in charge of the stag-do!

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