The Best Romantic Anime Series of 2014

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The Best Romantic Anime Series of 2014 The story about a girl who suddenly change because of an incident during her childhood. That incident change her prospective of friendship and she believe that sooner or later people will betray each other. Then she meet a boy that will fall for her and eventually bring her back to be her self again and make friends again.

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Say “I Love You’’ was created by Japanese writer Kanae Hazuki. An anime adaption was created by Zexcs a famous Japanese Animation Studio. The manga was release in North America published by Kondansa Comics USA.

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Two Main Characters' Mei Tachibana She was a very sociable person before, but a certain incident that turn her friend against her cause her to change and she decided not to make friends to anyone again.

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Yamato Kurosawa The most popular boy on Mei Tachibana school that help her to get rid of her stalker by kissing her. He eventual fall for Mei Tachibana.

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Other Characters Kai Takemura Best friend of Yamato Kurosawa, who also loves Mei Tachibana and always protect her.

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Megumi Kitagawa A transferee student that became classmate of Yamato Kurosagi and trying to steal Yamato from Mei. She is an amateur model

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Asami Okawa and Kenji Nakanishi Asami Okawa friend of Mei who is hates people who stared at her big breast, she always dream to find her prince charming. Kenji Nakanishi friend of Yamato who’s in love with Asami, eventually confesses his feeling for Asami. They end up being together.

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Some Scene from Say I love You

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