Using WordPress in The World Of Higher Education

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Using WordPress in the
 World Of Higher Education Rachel Carden - @bamadesigner - http://bamadesigner.com

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This is where I work. The University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa, AL

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This is where I started in higher ed. Mississippi University for Women - Columbus, MS

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This is where I started in higher ed web. Samford University - Birmingham, AL

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This is where I started using
 WordPress in higher ed web. The University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa, AL

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Why is WordPress great for higher ed? • Cost • Community / Open-Source • Flexibility • User management / distributed responsibilities

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Institutions Using WordPress Allegheny College, Boise State University, North Carolina State University, Covenant Theological Seminary, Washtenaw Community College, University of Central Arkansas, Maryville University, Lafayette College, Southern Arkansas University at Magnolia, the University of Rhode Island, Erikson Institute, New Mexico State University, the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Blue Ridge Community and Technical College, Georgia State University, John Carroll University, the University of Maine, St. Mary's University, Nicholls State University, University of British Columbia (Vancouver Campus), Washington State University, University of Maine at Augusta…

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Institutions Using WordPress … University of Mary Washington, The University of Alabama, New York University, University of Maine at Augusta, Brown University, University of Birmingham, University of Florida Health, IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law, Iowa State University, Brescia University College, Spring Arbor University, Hampshire College, John Caroll University, Washington University in St. Louis, Rutgers University, New Mexico State University, Loyola Marymount University (Los Angeles), Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, Eastern Wyoming College, Dawson College, Culver Academies, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Old Dominion University, University of Michigan…

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Institutions Using WordPress … Smith College, Harvard Law School, Eastern Washington University, Western University, Middle Tennessee State University, Brandon University, Williams College, Georgia State University, Villanova, University of Findlay, Carleton University, University of Richmond, Williams College, University at Buffalo, University of Tennessee, Bellevue College, James Madison University, University of NC Greensboro, BYU, Missouri State University, Walsh University, Wheaton College, Whitworth University, Indiana University, Saint Joseph's University, University of Westminster, Pasadena City College, The University of Texas at Austin, Cornell University…

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Institutions Using WordPress … Berea College, Williams College, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Columbia University, Duke University, University of Washington, Bryn Mawr College, UNC Charlotte, IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law, University of Wisconsin-Madison, New Mexico State University, UC Berkeley, Elon University, University of Missouri, Boston University, Iowa State University, Monash University, University of Arkansas, Virginia Commonwealth University, Allegheny College, Lafayette College, University of Maine, Washington University in St. Louis and many more!

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UMWBlogs supports over 7,000 blogs and sites; nearly 10,000 user accounts

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UBC Blogs is a multisite install with over 10,000 sites and over 30,000 users

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NYU has over 2,000 sites on their multisite publishing network

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Needs/Use Cases in Higher Ed • Institutional, departmental and division websites • Microsites • Sharing news and events • Online versions of institutional or alumni magazines

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Needs/Use Cases in Higher Ed • Faculty/student blogs • Intranets/student portals • Employee directories • Digital signage

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Needs/Use Cases in Higher Ed • Email newsletters • Campus maps/virtual tours • Alert system for crisis communication • Access control request systems

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Needs/Use Cases in Higher Ed • Security, security, security • Methods to organize/display research data • Digital asset management • Social networks

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Needs/Use Cases in Higher Ed • Virtual classrooms • Online textbooks • ePortfolios • Single sign-on with Active Directory, LDAP, CAS, etc.

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Needs/Use Cases in Higher Ed • Learning management systems • Presentations and lectures • Open courses • Policy management

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Higher Ed Accessibility
 Lawsuits, Complaints, and Settlements http://www.d.umn.edu/~lcarlson/atteam/lawsuits.html

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http://wpcampus.org - @wpcampusorg

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Updated 10/8/15

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Getting Involved with Attending: 291 (97%) Planning: 106 (35%) Speaking: 165 (55%) Hosting at your university: 64 (21%) Sponsoring: 50 (17%) Out of 301 submissions - Updated 10/8/15

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Updated 10/8/15

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Other sessions? Feedback from WPCampus members • Community Management • Student blogging • Setting up/managing instructional design of courses • Integration of WP with learning management system (LMS), use of WP as the LMS, and lots and lots of examples/demos of how WP has been used in classrooms.

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Other sessions? Feedback from WPCampus members • Focus on research, portfolio and blogging • Student-focused sessions • Anything! • Best use of multimedia • User management

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Other sessions? Feedback from WPCampus members • Security • Recruitment strategies • Integrating various channels for distribution • Multisite in higher ed • Single sign-on active directory v.s. open LDAP

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Other sessions? Feedback from WPCampus members • Instructional Design • Scalability: How to safely set up a large, multiuser implementation. AWS, large databases, proper plugins, best practices, etc. • Tech support / admin of WordPress • Maintaining A WordPress site. Working Together.

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Learn more about WPCampus http://wpcampus.org View WPCampus Planning Data http://wpcampus.org/planning/data/

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Any questions? Rachel Carden @bamadesigner http://bamadesigner.com

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