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1 Using twitter to MAKE PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT & BLENDED LEARNING EFFECTIVE Helen Blunden Jeevan Joshi Founder of Activate Learning Solutions Director Client Solutions – Asia Pacific

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Our learning solutions 3

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Winner of a Silver award in CLO magazine's 'Learning In Practice Awards 2011' for UpsideLMS UpsideLMS listed as one of the 'Five Emerging LMSs to Watch' in CLO Magazine ('10) Winner of 7 Apex Awards of Excellence ('11, '09, '08 & '07) Winner of Red Herring 100 Asia Award in 2008 & finalist in Red Herring Global 100 ('09) Winner in Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific 2008 & 2009 program, and Fast 50 India 2008 program 30+ Awards & recognitions 4

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Helen Blunden Jeevan Joshi Director Client Solutions – Asia Pacific  Founder of Activate Learning Solutions Presenters 5

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Using twitter to build a Professional learning network My name is Helen Blunden and I’m @ActivateLearn 6

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What do you use twitter for? A poll… What do you mainly use Twitter for? (Select one response) What's Twitter? I don't use it. Sharing, learning, connecting and networking Having a whinge or sharing an opinion Conversations with friends Stalking celebrities 7

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What Do You Use Twitter For? 8

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What do you think about Twitter? Write your comments in the box provided 9

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What do you think about Twitter? No-one is interested in what I had for breakfast! It’s a waste of my time! It’s for young people! I’ve got nothing to say! I don’t know anyone on Twitter! There’s no real purpose for it BUSTED! 10

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The benefits of using Twitter as the tool to create, build and grow your own learning network What we will cover today… 11

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Graphic: Google Images – labelled for reuse What is twitter… Read More: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twitter 140 12

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http://www.geek.com/geek-cetera/social-media-explained-with-donuts-1466613/ SOCIAL MEDIA EXPLAINED 13

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A community… 14

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A community… 15

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http://www.go-gulf.com/blog/2012/12/05/60-seconds-things-that-happen-on-internet-every-sixty-seconds-infographic BUT WHY WOULD YOU NEED A NETWORK? WELL CONSIDER WHAT HAPPENS ONLINE… IN A MINUTE 16

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Image by EmmiP JPEG URI: http://mrg.bz/KWk8tb Is your reality is out of date? 17

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In a world of increasingly rapid change, the half life of a given skill is constantly shrinking, at around 5 years. So it’s going to become a vital skill for everyone in this new world of flows, to stay on top of all the new knowledge and skills relevant to today’s employment market place. Jane Hart, Learning in the Social Workplace (@C4LPT) Networks make us.... Entrepreneurial Learners 18

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Increase your capability Keep up-to-date in your field Build networks into new fields, areas, industries, interests and passions Collaborate with others locally, nationally, internationally Create value for your team and your organisation Engage with your work, increase your productivity and become more creative and inspired Benefits of a network 19

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Graphic: Google Images – labelled for reuse Twitter grows your network…but you have to work at it Networking, not tweeting… Participate don’t lurk Contribute don’t shirk Share don’t hold Trust don’t fear 20

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My PLN 21

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people LIKE YOU AND ME… 22

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cVdHkjJVuxQ WATCH THIS…(when you get a chance) 23

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The Dialogue… 24

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Image by debs http://www.flickr.com/photos/debschultz/528230215// 25

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26 Who To Follow? What if they find out what I write? What if what I write online is misconstrued? Will I lose my job? Should I use another name? Another profile? How do I explain this to my boss? My colleagues think this is geek stuff Are you afraid? Don’t be…

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Open a Twitter account Follow leaders in learning and then see who they follow Join in on the conversation Participate in a Tweet Chat #OzLearn: 2nd Tuesday of every month at 8pm #Lrnchat: Every Friday at midday Dip Your Toes in the Water 28

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Twitter for Professional Development Using Yammer in Learning Blogging for Professional Development Content Curation & Tools Workshops on offer for your learning teams… 29

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Find me on my website Website and Blog: www.activatelearning.com.au Phone: 0438 884 730 Email: helen.blunden@activatelearning.com.au Twitter: @ActivateLearn About Me: http://about.me/helenblunden 30

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645,750,000 Total number of active registered Twitter users 135,000 Number of new Twitter users signing up everyday Twitter – Scale & Size Copyright Marisa Allegra Williams (@marisa) for Twitter, Inc. @UpsideLearning 10, 500 tweets 5413 Following 7575 Followers 31

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58 million Average number of tweets per day 9,100 Number of tweets every second 40% of Twitters who don’t tweet but watch other people tweet Twitter – Scale & Size Copyright Aaron Durand (@everydaydude) for Twitter, Inc. 32

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TWITTER in BUSINESS 56.9K 5.85 M Marketing Sales Customer Service Employee Comms Learning Innovation Project Work Customers Partners Employees Partner Training, Comms 33

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Employee use of web 2.0 Business and Web 2.0:McKinsey 2013 34

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UPSIDE LMS – Designed for Social Learning Integration with Live Twitter Internal Microblogging Friends & followers concept Photos and videos sharing and rating Blog My RSS Feeds Integration with Wiki 35

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Employee use of web 2.0 Business and Web 2.0:McKinsey 2013 36

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UPSIDE LMS – recognised for social 2 Golds for Blended or Informal Learning 3 Silvers for Social Learning Technology 2 Silvers for Learning Management Technology for SMBs 1 Gold for Compliance Training 37

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UPSIDE LMS – designed for twitter 1 2 39

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Implementing social learning Governance & Expectations Content Curation Quantity + Quality Community Management Flow + Value Add 40

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USER CASE 1 – CLASS ROOM TRAINING Classroom Training Pre Classroom Activities Post Classroom Activities Perf Support Where can you use Twitter &/or Microblogging ? Use Chat Box 41

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USER CASE 1 – CLASS ROOM TRAINING Classroom Training Pre Classroom Activities Post Classroom Activities Perf Support Requirements gathering Course logistics Pre Reading Gather comments & insights External resources Feedback Reinforce key learning Feedback Reinforce key learning New resources 42

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USER CASE 2 – ONLINE TRAINING Online Training Post Classroom Activities Perf Support Where can you use Twitter &/or Microblogging ? Use Chat Box 43

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Contact Us Call to Action Visit our websites Follow up on Twitter Ask for a demo of the social features of Upside LMS THANK YOU Helen Blunden Activate Learning @ActivateLearn www.activatelearning.com.au Jeevan Joshi Upside Learning @UpsideLearning www.upsidelearning.com @jeevesj