Creating a Learning Network

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Creating a Learning Network Stephen Downes ABED – Curitiba, Brazil October 7, 2014

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We built a MOOC…

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DS106 – Grant Potter http://ds106.us/ds106-radio/

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How I Built Ed Radio

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Flash HTML5 .pls

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.pls file – points to streaming source

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Shoutcast Icecast SAM Broadcaster Centova Cast Computer Mobile Phone FTP File Upload Digital Signal Streaming Media Server Auto DJ

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Digital Signal Speakers Headphones Digital Signal Processor Edcast, Nicecast Files Playlist Stereo Mix Mic Media Player Or Mixxx

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.pls file – points to mp3 files online Local file Web file Streaming source Web fil

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Stream .pls File RSS

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MP3 files RSS Feeds

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Enclosures in RSS Files indicate MP3 sources

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Sources include RSS, Twitter, Facebook APIs, etc.

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Create MP3 files and upload them to the web Audacity Audioboo

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How I Built OLDaily

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Newsletter Web page Email newsletter RSS feed Twitter @OLDaily OLDaily

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Email RSS Web Twitter Posts commentary Links Title URL Feed Author OLDaily

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Links RSS Reader Email Social Net

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Email Google groups Mailing Lists Subscriptions Alerts

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RSS Feedly Old Reader Outlook

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Social Media Twitter Facebook Google+ LinkedIn Groups Channels Hashtags

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Content Sources Blogger / Wordpress Content management system Social media Discussion groups

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How I Built a MOOC

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Notification – url - sign up for newsletter

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Add a New Feed

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MOOC Participants Posts & Articles Blogger - Wordpress Posts & Tweets Hashtags Groups Google, Yahoo Groups Channels YouTube, Flickr, Soundcloud

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Posts & Articles Blogger - Wordpress Posts & Tweets Hashtags Groups Google, Yahoo Groups Channels YouTube, Flickr, Soundcloud Links Email RSS Twitter Posts Web

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RSS content Feed list Submit feed - RSS Blog, twitter, group, etc. Sign up account API Relays Yahoo Pipes IFTTT Hootsuite Evernote

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Daily news Announcements Calendar of events Posts RSS content

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Calendar (broken bit) List of events Calendar formats - .ical

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Events - BB Collaborate Recordings / URL + Player (Java) Others – Webx, Wiziq, Adobe Connect Webcasting = Conferencing tool (any of above or Skype) + Webcasting tool – YouTube, LiveStream, Ustream Recordings

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How to Build A Learning Network

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The design is based on putting the learner at the center Scott Wilson (left), Tim Hand (right) https://www.google.com/search?q=ple+diagrams http://www.edtechpost.ca/ple_diagrams/index.php/mind-map-3

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LPSS Core Projects 38

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Resource Repository Network Manage and discover list of sources and resources Maintain authentication and credentials Support APIs and metadata standards Gather, analyze and sort resources and/or metadata

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Personal Cloud Manage list of local and remote storage systems Maintain security, encryption, authentication and credentials Include local or personal device storage Manage and synchronize resource sets and data

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Personal Learning Assistant Collect contextual information for system Display resources of various formats, inclusing SCORM, LTI, etc. Support (scaffolded) authoring environments Project LPSS capacity into external software and devices

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Competency Recognition and Development Import or create competency definitions Analyze interactions for skills and learning gaps Support development of learning plans Provide resource and service recommendations

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Personal Learning Record Collect full record of interactions with all resources, external systems Support learning activity data exchange formats (eg. xAPI) Collect and present a person’s personal portfolio Display certifications and credentials (eg. badges) Maintain 3rd party certification

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Implementation – from MOOC to Personal Learning MOOC-REL (OIF) ALECSO MINT SHARE Badges Simulator Workplace T&D

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Implementation Projects Ultimately, the objective is to support individual learning in a network http://integralleadershipmanifesto.com/manifesto/making-subject-object/

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Corporate / institutional clouds xMOOCs Content libraries OAI

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3rd party services Recommender / indices / translation Simulations / multiplayer games IoT Logo for the MOOC "Your World is Your Lab." Credit: Michael Schatz

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Why is this important? Because technology is not just a tool It gives us the capacity to do new things (the ‘affordances argument’) It represents an extension of our perceptions (the McLuhan argument) “We shape technology, and then technology shapes us”

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What kind of learner we become depends on what kind of learning technology we choose http://singularityhub.com/2012/10/15/19th-century-french-artists-predicted-the-world-of-the-future-in-this-series-of-postcards/ http://www.alter-inc.com/wearable.html http://www.keithcotps.sa.edu.au/Learning.htm

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Stephen Downes http://www.downes.ca