Basic Mind map and Practice

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Basic Mind map and Practice YeongHeung High school, Oct. 23th, 2014, pm 3:50

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Contents What is Mind Map? History of Mind Map How to Create Mind Mao and Tips Usage of Mind Map Living with Mind Mapping Mind Map samples Practice

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1-1. Who am I?

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1-2. My change since mind mapping

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2. Two questions ? Why do you attend this event? ? What do you expect this event?

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Let’s Start with Why(Golden circle)

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3-1 Mind map: Diagram that organized thoughts, plans, problems-solving, summary etc. on the one page

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3-2 Essential characteristics of mind map?

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3-3 Essential characteristics of mind map

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4-1. History of mind map ? We can find that the mind mapping approach since ancient age e.g. Greece Pophyry. ? Geniuses Leonardo De Vinci, Newton etc expressed their thoughts by words and visuals. ? Tony Buzan made naming these efforts as as “Mind map” on 1960s and popularized mind maps. ? There are many information maps including the mind map.

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4-2 History of information mappers

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5. Genius’ notebooks: Leonardo De Vinci’s notebook

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Leonardo De Vinci’ notebook

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Leonardo De Vinci’s notebook

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Charles Darwin’s notebook

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Isaac Newton’s notebook

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Einstien’s notebook

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Pathfinder of mind map: Tony Buzan

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Mind mappers-1 on facebook

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Mind mappers-2 on facebook

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Evolution of mind maps

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5-1. How to create mind map

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5-2 Mind mapping thinking: radiant thinking

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5-3 Tips for mind mapping

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5-4 Mind map’s templates

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6-1 Usage of mind map

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5-5 mind map’ thinking

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5-6 Drawing of outline on presentation

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Example : 7 codes of understanding Korean culture

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Example : movie <Tokyo Family>

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Example: codes of Japanese culture

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Example: Journey to Public finance

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Example: Principle of Communication

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Example: father’s letter to his son

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???? ?? : ???(? ??) Example: congratulatory card

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Example: new reading approach

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Example: concept age

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Example: History of Civilization’ contents

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Example: my plan for studying BM

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Example: essential characteristics of entrepreur

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Example: business models

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Example: Universe egg

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Example: Universe and evolution

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Example: Setting “Self-revolution room”

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Example: leader qualities

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Example: 10 top exam tips

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Example: emotional inllegence

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Example: Dutch community events

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Example: creative note-taking

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Example: prepositions

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Example: shopping for new clothes

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Example: food pyramid

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Example: The mind map conference

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Example: “6 Thinking Hats(Edward Bono)

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Example: strategy

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Concept map: earth as a system

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Cognitive map: move or stay

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Tree map

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Chart map: chart about school website

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Social Map : subway map

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Example: Son and daughter’s mind map

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Example: college students’ collective maps

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Example: Maps drawing on white board and book’s empty page

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Example: timeline mind maps

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Social map: social media

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Example: handwriting vs software

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Example: collective mind map

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6. 21 Century skills for Korean

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Our Code of conducts: for better world

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7. My recent activities

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