Learning To Learn

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Learning To Learn

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Why do/did we study(studied)? Results based on a small Survey

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To earn a certificate

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To get a good job

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To please people around us

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To gain information for future

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Because guardians ask to do so.

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Few More Answers, More Interesting! Understanding your life with your desire

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To gain knowledge n wisdom

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Why should we Study?

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Learning will gain the qualitative & Quantitative Information

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Information can be converted into the “Knowledge”

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Knowledge can be articulate as an “Expertise”

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Expertise will get the “Success”

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Why do we need to learn to learn?

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To Make Learning Fun

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To Gain knowledge & expertise

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To have long lasting memory

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Common Learning Practices

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Taking enormous notes

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Repetitive Reading

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Repetitive Writing

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Reading same subject for long time [whole day/week/month]

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Which are the most effective Learning Practices?

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Robert A. Bjork Effective Learning Practices Introduced by John Dunlosky

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The world of effective learning & long last memorization going to be revealed in few seconds

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Learn by Doing It means make learning an active process.

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Try to create a visual image of what you are learning Try to connect the concept with real/imaginary thing or concept

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Interleaving or Spacing & Distributed Practice Read different subjects on different time intervals. Try to avoid everything of a single subject on a whole. First one subject then read another, switch to another or the previous subject

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Desirable Difficulties & Retrieval Practice Desirable difficulties mean the difficulty which we create to test our learning. Switching between subjects instead of reading the same subject Try to explain what you have learned to someone verbally Try to make sticky notes and arrange it with the theme Try to attempt quiz related to what you have learned

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Few more tips from other Researchers & My Practical Experience

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Be Mentally Attentive

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Take Learning as a positive & fun instead of a tedious job

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Try your own creativity to remove boredom

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The most important Tip Is about to reveal

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A child can learn more easily & effectively than an adult. A young baby doesn’t need to do cramming for anything because he is curious enough to learn more

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As we grow we start ignoring our curiosity which ultimately dies. So be curious

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Any Confusion? Ask me the Questions ?

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Prof. Jason Tangen Prof. Matthew Thompson Special Thanks to Professors of The University of Queensland Australia

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