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Dr. SUNIL JI GARG Managing Director Sunmitra Education Technologies Limited, Lucknow 1 Developing A MOOC PORTAL (MASSIVE OPEN ONLINE COURSE) Our Experiences While the Journey is ON

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Outline What is a MOOC. Our Effort Showcase. Lucknow Experience. Take-Aways For You. 2

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Ever visited a place below?

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If Yes, You Are Already a MOOC User. MOOC Stands for: 5 MASSIVE OPEN ONLINE COURSE

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Let's Understand a Little More MASSIVE Many Users, Communication amongst Users, Many Courses OPEN Open Participation (FREE/FREEMIUM), Open Content, ONLINE Real-time or Online in a Self Paced Mode. COURSE Sessions/Modules grouped in a defined structure. Assessment/Certification expected.

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Little Background Named in 2008 by Dave Cormier of University of Prince Edward Island, Canada. Popular Jargon by 2012 with the advent of EDX, CourseEra, Udacity, Udemy etc. A "DISTANCE LEARNING" method using digital tools along with learner togetherness.

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Are MOOCs a new word for E-Learning Both Yes and NO. Here the focus is not really learning management systems. The focus is: COURSEs as a prime learning unit. OPEN-NESS (easy to join/no pre-conditions) SOCIALISATION OF LEARNING SCALABILITY

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Understanding MOOC features

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Understanding More ....

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Show Case - 1 Structured Course Modules

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Show Case - 2 Scheduled Start Date Self Paced

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Show Case - 2 Co-Learner Interaction Re-Viewable Micro-Lectures

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Some MOOC portals also contain Tools for Educators to create/upload their courses that meet their policies. Optional online LMS tools. Assessment Creation Tools. Learner Interaction Tools. Business Tools (Pricing/Marketing/Analytics).

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Sunmitra's Idea - 1 Started with blended Learning in 2011. Focused on ordinary teachers/authors to create online academies for FREE. Content grouping as Sessions – Courses – Programs – Academies. Authoring tools to organise and sequence content.

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Sunmitra's Idea - 2 Support for standard content like PPTs, DOCs, PDFs, JPGs, Youtube Videos, Flash, Slideshare content, Google Drive Content etc. Learner Progress Monitoring. Team based content creation. Fully open or group specific delivery. Listing and marketing using standard E-Shopping portals.

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Show Case - 1 Quick Course View Categories of Courses Content Sessions, Grouped as Courses – Programs - Academies

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Show Case - 2 Direct Search within Academy Names, Program Names, Session Names or its descriptions

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Show Case - 2 First Few Pages of Featured Sessions Available without making an account

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Show Case - 3 F:0 indicates a free course, F:10 indicates a course of 10 Fee Units Ticking over My Checkbox allows you to join Course is the minimum unit One can Join

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Course Session Count, Active Level and Course Code are alo visible Course list can be filtered on various parameters Show Case - 4

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Session Image, Name, ID, Sequence No. is also displayed A Session list shows Joining Status, completion status Show Case - 5

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Its shows details like Session ID, Suggested Sequence of Reading, Name, Description, No. Of Screens, Recommended Time to Attempt, Attempt Count, Last Attempt Date and Percentage Done Show Case - 6 Like all Views Session list can be seen in Tabular View

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Other than filtering, One can also Order sessions by Last Attempt, Session ID, Name or Its Assigned Sequence Show Case - 6

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A Session Player is then opened according to session Data Type (Image, PPT, PDF, HTML, Youtube, Slideshare, PODCast, DOC etc.) Show Case - 7

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A Session Player provides a feature to link to any external document or URL that can be opened separately. This provides the power of Hyper-linking even if the content doesn't support it. Show Case - 8 Meracourse Authors Can Use this feature to link to external discussion forums for co-learner discussion related to any page.

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By Providing Additional Details Any Meracourse Learner Can Become a Content Author to allow him to upload content, using the content DASHBOARD. Show Case - 9

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One can then easily upload new sessions. Show Case - 11

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Sessions of various content types can then be uploaded by the authors. Show Case - 12

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One can then create a course and then add his own sessions or sessions shared by others. Show Case - 13

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Finally if desired, One can create a Program by adding few courses and an Academy by Adding Few Programs Show Case - 14

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A click over a Fee-Based course directs a user to an external shopping portal, where the course can be listed separately. Show Case - 15

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Lucknow Experience (Plus-es) Nurturing a raw idea with Least distraction. Low Survival Cost. Enough people to test functional prototypes (For software engine and for content). Easier to create a platform to start from blended Learning (Brick-Mortar School) to go to fully Virtual Learning.

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Lucknow Experience (Minus-es) Unable to interact with like-minded Professionals/Venture Funding Agencies. Big Dreams – Low Funds – High Patience LOOP continues ....... Difficult to get Intellectual Assets evaluated.

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TAKE-AWAYS FOR YOU Collection of Links for E-Knowledge Seekers

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Top Mooc Portals ..... udemy.com coursera.org edx.org khanacademy.org novoed.com futurelearn.com saylor.org open2study.com canvas.net coursesites.com iai.tv eliademy.com openlearning.com p2pu.org qualt.com open.edu/itunes/ cosmolearning.com universalclass.com

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University Open Coursewares MIT Open courseware ocw.mit.edu Stanford Online class.stanford.edu Utah State Open University ocw.usu.edu University of California, Berkeley webcast.berkeley.edu Harvard Open Learning Initiative www.extension.harvard.edu/open-learning-initiative Open Yale Courses oyc.yale.edu Carnegie Mellon University oli.cmu.edu University of Massachusetts Boston ocw.umb.edu

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MOOC Learning Portals: Indian Initiatives nptel.ac.in wiziq.com classle.net apnacourse.com gyaanexchange.com hugheseducation.com openlearningworld.com www.meracourse.com Swyam (To be made available on edx)

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Sites of MOOC Related Interest Global Moocs Directory www.moocs.co MOOC List mooc-list.com World University Consortium wunicon.org MOOC aggregrator class-central.com Academic QA transtutors.com EduKWest www.edukwest.com

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Domain Specific Online Learning Forex Education www.fxacademy.com Language Learning www.instremia.com Economic Education www.mruniversity.com SAP related open.sap.com Security related opensecuritytraining.info Accounting Related www.qualt.com

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Computers and IT Learning w3schools.com tutorialpoints.com lynda.com code.org codecademy.com quackit.com codeavengers.com vogella.com thinktutorial.com lessoncup.com sqlzoo.net c4learn.com codelearn.org

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LMS Tools Moodle DokeOS Sakai Canvas ILIAS aTutor Edmodo chamilo OLAT CourseBuilder (Google) Blackboard Lectora Articulate ILIAS Udutu Sumtotal Skillsoft Eduwave Desire2Learn ScLipo JoomlaLMS AuthorPoint

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Major E-learning Companies In India Educomp Everonn Tata Interactive Systems Sundaram NIIT 24x7learning liqvid Hughes Education Zeuslearning Excelsoft eabyas TalentEdge Azim Premji Foundation Jaypee Associates Courseking Edukart Next Education ClassTeacher Time Meritnation Upside Learning G-Cube Solutions TechKnit Netvidya EI Initiatives

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Education Searches and Listings (INDIA) www.indiastudychannel.com www.bharatstudent.com www.shiksha.com www.jagranjosh.com www.educationobserver.com www.indiaeduinfo.com www.careers360.com www.indiastudychannel.com www.minglebox.com www.bestindiaedu.com www.studynation.com www.htcampus.com www.coolavenues.com www.indiaeducation.net www.educationworld.in www.infinitecourses.com www.digitalcampus.in www.topmbaindia.com www.admissionnews.com www.easyshiksha.com www.vidyarthy.com indiaeducationdiary.in

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Assessment and Competition Preparation (INDIA) www.gmatclub.com www.pagalguy.com www.time4education.com www.indiaresults.com www.successcds.com www.careerlauncher.com www.testfunda.com www.beatthegmat.com managementparadise.com www.winentrance.com www.hitbullseye.com www.civilserviceindia.com www.gateforum.com www.lmsindia.com www.syvum.com www.testpractice.net www.rxpgonline.com www.upscguide.com www.totalgadha.com www.100percentile.com www.questionpaper.in ascenteducation.com www.tcyonline.com

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Thank You... 48 I love sharing at md@sunmitra.com Send more links to me. I am sorry! If I missed you. Share this information with as many people as possible. Keep visiting www.meracourse.com for surprises.