Lightening Students' Load: An Introduction to Open Textbooks

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An Introduction to Open Textbooks STUDENTS’ Robyn Hall | Librarian | August 2015 Image: Flickr@katerha

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slides: roam.macewan.ca @bibliorobyn

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$1200/yr Relevance Heavy!

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Image: http://www.edmontonjournal.com/news/traffic/cms/binary/9784292.jpg?size=620x400s

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U of A Textbook Initiative Source: http://ualbertalibrarynews.blogspot.ca/2015/01/ual-launches-new-course-textbook.html Source:

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Occupy the Bookstore Source: http://occupythebookstore.com

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Creative Commons Source: http://creativecommons.org/choose

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Source: https://stateof.creativecommons.org/?utm_campaign=2014fund&utm_source=carousel&utm_medium=web

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Source: https://openstaxcollege.org/books

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Source: http://open.umn.edu/opentextbooks

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Source: http://open.umn.edu/opentextbooks

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Source: http://open.umn.edu/opentextbooks

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Source: http://open.umn.edu/opentextbooks

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Source: http://bccampus.ca/open-textbook-project

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Image: Flickr@BCCampusNews

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Source: http://www.metronews.ca/news/calgary/2014/01/30/alberta-post-secondary-students-push-for-open-textbooks.html

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Source: http://www.albertaoer.com/

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Open textbooks and access to higher education? David Ernst at TEDxUMN https://youtu.be/DqHImIi8v5o Open Textbooks FAQ - BCcampus http://bccampus.ca/open-textbooks-101/open-textbook-faq Open Textbooks in Canadian Universities http://www.cbc.ca/player/Radio/Local+Shows/Alberta/ID/2442379615 Open Textbooks: The Current State of Play http://www.acenet.edu/newsroom/Documents/Quick-Hits-Open-Textbooks.pdf On Quality and OER http://opencontent.org/blog/archives/2947 Why Are textbooks So Expensive? https://campusstore.mcmaster.ca/information/faq/cost.html Open Pedagogy: The Importance of Getting In the Air http://opencontent.org/blog/archives/3761 slides: roam.macewan.ca

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Friday, October 23, 12:30PM Rm. 7-278 TOMORROW! 1PM Rm. 7-269 Thursday, December 3, 12PM 7-266A

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