The Very Best Twitter Quotes from the International Society for Tech in Education Conference

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The Very Best Twitter QUOTES From ISTE 2015 June 30, 2015 Imagine Easy Solutions // Booth #2464 // #IESatISTE

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If you’re following #ISTE2015 on Twitter, you can see the THOUSANDS of tweets coming in each day.

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That’s a lot of information being spread around. Luckily, we’ve collected the best tweets of the day for you. But first...

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Hi! My name is Emily Gover Community Manager at @ImagineEasy, the creators of @EasyBib. Part-time public librarian. Fulltime nerd. #edtech is my jam.

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Stop by Booth #2464 and say hi to the team at Imagine Easy! ● Snap a photo with your friends and tweet #IESatISTE! ● Check out a demo and enter to win an Amazon Kindle! ● Get tons of swag like a tote bag, #PLN buttons and more!

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Here are the top 14 quotes and nuggets of wisdom that we managed to collect from the conference today. Enjoy!

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“ When students are involved in the decision making process they will be more excited about education! Jack Gallagher @adifferentcool ” Retweet This Quote

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“ Learners are now designers of their own education. Amanda Greene @mandylougreene ” Retweet This Quote

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“ Being different is good. Embrace the differences in our students. Andrew Moore @BVSD_CIO ” Retweet This Quote

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“ Video is the language of learners. 1 minute of video = 1.8 million words via @fitzwalsh & @zaption Elana Leoni @elanaleoni ” Retweet This Quote

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“ Key to successful 1:1 rollout is the students: Get them involved, let them tell their story. Marc Seigel @DaretoChem ” Retweet This Quote

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“ Don't call it a classroom... call it a learning studio. Dr. Justin Tarte @justintarte ” Retweet This Quote

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“ Teachers who know computer science need to inspire others to learn. We need to spread the passion. Show them how to incorporate. Alicia Testa @MsaTesta ” Retweet This Quote

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“ We want students to control their devices rather than being controlled by the devices. via @vvrotny Stacy Hawthorne @StacyHaw ” Retweet This Quote

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“ Don't put a grade on it if you want them to keep working on it! via @KtBkr4 Michele Gill @MicheleOnline ” Retweet This Quote

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“ If you want to kids to do meaningful writing, you must provide a meaningful purpose. via @KleinErin and @pernilleripp Jay Billy @JayBilly2 Retweet This Quote ”

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“ When we unleash the creativity in a student, we are training them to change the world. via @pammorgan and @WHSMitchell Naomi Austin @AustinELA8 ” Retweet This Quote

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“ If you are going to focus on changing how students learn, then you have to ensure the learning space accommodates that learning. Dr. Justin Tarte @justintarte ” Retweet This Quote

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“ What is a tech coach? Supporting LEARNERS with technology and education to make meaningful connections. Allison K. @athomp526 ” Retweet This Quote

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“ Like what you do. Don't just go into a job for the job. Educators have responsibility to give students exposure. via Charlotte Chauvin ISTE @isteconnects Retweet This Quote ”

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